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Managing Users in Google Workspace

Featured  -  December 5, 2023

As a small business seeking to utilize Gmail and other Google services, it is important to understand how to incorporate new users into your organization. This includes setting up and managing user accounts, creating different email addresses within your organization, and managing your Google Workspace through the Google admin console. 

managing users Google Workspace

Admin console

In order to effectively utilize your Google Workspace and manage users within it, it’s essential to have a good understanding of the admin console. The admin console is used to manage users, create groups, adjust administrator settings, and manage Google Workspace services. The admin console is only available to those who are signed in as an administrator. The home page has features including billing, product updates, users, alerts, devices, security, groups, account settings, and more. Here, a user’s admin privileges influence which features they have access to. 


Adding new users

Before someone can be a part of your Google Workspace, you must first add them as a user. When adding new users, you are creating a new user account as well as providing them with an email address for your organization. It is important to note that users should not share accounts, so each user must have an account and email address of their own. 

The easiest way to add a new user is to do so through your Google Admin console. In your admin console, you want to navigate to Menu > Directory > Users. Then, under All organizations you must select which organization you wish to add a new user for. At the top of that page, you’ll click Add new user. The account information you will need to add a new user is a first and last name, primary email, and phone number.

You’ll create a password for this new user account, which the user is able to change once they sign in. Once you’ve added all necessary information and click add new user, a window will pop up where you can click copy password to send in a message to the new user. Then, to send the new account information to the user, click preview and send. Once you’re done, a welcome email will be sent to the user you just added. 


Deleting users from your organization

If you want to delete a user from your organization, it is important to mention that you cannot recover a user’s data once the user is deleted. So, make sure that you transfer their data to another user if you want to be able to access that data after deleting the user. When transferring the user’s data, their account will be suspended until the transfer is over. Once complete, the user’s account is deleted and whoever was sent the transferred data will receive an email. 

Now, to delete a user you must be logged into an admin account. Within the admin console, you want to navigate to Menu > Directory > Users and select either Delete a single user or Delete multiple users. Next you’ll be prompted with questions regarding that user’s data. Here is where you can decide if you want to transfer the user’s data and to whom. After you make your selection, click Delete user. After deleting a user, they will no longer be able to access your organization’s Google Workspace. 


Updating payment methods

In the United States, valid payment methods for your Google Workspace include PayPal, a bank account (direct debit), and credit or debit cards. Major credit cards that Google accepts are Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Fortunately, Google makes it easy to change which cards or bank accounts are used for payments. 

To switch to an existing payment method, you want to navigate to the menu in your admin console and click Billing > Payment accounts. Then, click View payment methods, which should be located next to your subscription. Once you’ve found the payment method you’d like to switch to, click the down arrow below the card icon and select Primary. Once you’ve made this card or account your primary payment method, Google will begin charging this new card or account for your payments. 

To add a new payment method, navigate to the menu in your admin console and click Billing > Payment accounts > View payment methods. Here, click Add Payment Method to add a new credit card, debit card, or bank account. 


Managing your Google Workspace

Both iOS and Android users are able to manage the Google Workspace via the Google Admin app. This app allows you to create and manage users, review account activity, manage groups, review admin activity, and get 24/7 customer support. When it comes to managing your Google Workspace, there are different levels of administrators. While there can be more than one admin, you can appoint a super administrator who has access to and can modify anything in the admin console. As the super administrator, you can edit the privileges of other admins and users within your organization. Understanding the different capabilities of the Google Workspace and the admin console will allow all users within your organization to effectively utilize the services that Google Workspace has to offer.

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