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Should you advertise on Google or FB/IG?

Digital Marketing  -  October 3, 2023

Choosing where and how to run ads can be daunting, especially if you’re unfamiliar with managing ads. Two of the most prominent places to run ads are on social media and search engines, and that’s no coincidence. Both channels allow you to reach a massive audience, target specific demographics, and track conversions that come directly from your ads. 


Why should you run ads on Google?
Why should you run ads on Facebook and Instagram? 
Which is right for your business?

What Platform Should I Run Ads On? 


Deciding what platform to run your ads on starts by determining your goal for the campaign. Social media ads tend to hit people that aren’t in the market to make a purchase immediately. This enters people into your marketing funnel, putting them in the awareness stage – they have a basic knowledge of your product, but are not looking to purchase yet. Social ads can have a lower ROAS (return on ad spend) but are amazing for awareness and have a low cost per impression, making them great for casting a wide net and seeing what comes back. 


On the other hand, Google Ads tend to target people that are closer to purchasing a service or good. This is the decision stage of the marketing funnel, where someone is ready to make a purchase. With a search engine, you have the ability to target specific searches that someone makes. For example – finding someone who searches for “roofing company near me”, they’re likely looking to get a quote, which turns into a warm lead. 

Google Ads show at top of search results

How To Maximize Conversions From Your Ads


To maximize the performance of your social media ads, you’ll want to make sure your ads are high quality. Facebook gives preference to higher quality ads. If you are running an ad where you pay per impression, you’ll get more value if someone looks at/watches your ad longer. Educate potential customers on WHAT their problem is, HOW your product or service solves it, and WHY they should choose you over your competitors. Have a clear offer or call to action to drive decisive action. 


To maximize the performance of your search ads, follow the same social media principle: present high quality ads that drive a decisive action. An important part of Google Ads is the path a user will take after clicking on your ad. Generally, this path “lands” the user on a landing page. Having a high quality landing page that’s concise and driven towards the action you want a user to take will help increase your conversion rate.

When you run ads with J&R Marketing, we work with you to develop an ad strategy using best practices based on your business goals. Interested in running ads for your business? Give us a call at (401) 326-2932. 

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