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Why You Should Be Using Videos In Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

Digital Marketing  -  December 27, 2021

Grab the Audience’s Attention Quickly

Videos are a great way to capture your audience’s attention quickly. Videos are a lot easier for people to digest, and so they’re more likely to capture someone’s attention than a wall of text.

People have shorter attention spans due to the increase in social media use. Due to this, you’ll need to reach the point of your video quicker. The first few seconds are vital for this. Some platforms will require shorter videos than others. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that you’ll want to keep the videos short enough to keep the audience’s attention, but also short enough for them to be wanting more.

Videos are great for social media marketing. They’re more interactive than just text, and if you do it right your audience will be searching for more information about your brand and company.

Search Engine Optimization

All content that you post online should be optimized for search engines to help you get found easier on the internet. One way to boost this is to make sure that you have compelling titles and descriptions that have specific keywords. These keywords should be in line with your business, so choose them wisely!

Another good aspect of social media is the use of hashtags. Social media platforms are like their own mini search engines where hashtags work as keywords. Posting videos to specific social media platforms with hashtags will help you get noticed while increasing your overall SEO.

Taking video for social media.


Marketing used to be focused on pitching and selling products to individuals. This has changed in recent years where people are now looking for the best of the best. People will look up their questions online trying to find answers.

As a business, you want to appear as a leader in your industry. The best way to do this is to upload videos on social media and your website. When someone looks for answers, they will find your video. If you’re providing quality answers to your audience, they are more likely to trust you. Once they do, they can be turned into leads.

These videos should not focus on gaining a sale. While they may lead to potential sales, that should not be the main point. People want answers and they want them quickly. Provide short and simple videos that helps educate your audience.

Keep Up with the Latest Trends

Trends come and go quickly, but it’s important as a business to stay on top of them. You want your marketing strategy to be relevant to what is trending, including your video content.

Incorporating these trends into your marketing strategy makes you apart of the conversation. People are going to be searching online for what is relevant right now, and you want to be found in those searches. This is mainly done through keywords and hashtags.

As stated earlier, keywords and hashtags boost your SEO. Some hashtags occur weekly (like #MondayMotivation, #WednesdayWisdom, and #ThrowbackThursday) and many different demographics will be looking at these trending hashtags. Incorporating video into your marketing strategy will help you better plan for these trending hashtags and you’ll be able to post them online attaching those hashtags to them.

Using social media on a phone.

It’s More Personal

Owning and running a business is an amazing responsibility and a lot of hardwork goes into it. However, from the outside your customers may not know who you are or what you do. A great benefit from adding videos to your social media marketing strategy is getting more personal with your audience.

Giving your audience initmate glimpses into your and your employees daily tasks resonates with people. It gives a face to the seemingly faceless company that you have. Showing people helps to build a solid connection while providing behind the scenes content.

The key to making this work is to have the videos be short and interesting. You don’t want to go in-depth for forty-five minutes on every little nuance of how your company is run. This is far too long and you’ll lose your audience’s attention span quickly. Shorter videos work very well in providing information that will leave your audience wanting more while also building brand trust by offering a feel of face-to-face interactions.


All of the videos that you make should have a goal. These can vary for what your business will need at that specific time, such as driving user interaction, drive traffic to your website, getting more social media followers, and driving conversions.

Driving conversions is one of the most important goals that your company should have throughout the entirety of your social media strategy. Videos are a great way to do this because—according to Wyzowl—in 2019, 84% of people say they were convinced to buy a business’s product or service just from watching a company’s video.

Videos are a fantastic way to engage with more people on social media. Everyone would much rather watch a two minute video over spending 5 minutes reading a long, wordy post. If you want to gain more followers, help your SEO, or just get more leads, you definitely need to be adding video content into your social media marketing campaign.

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