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The Importance of Social Media Presence

Digital Marketing  -  July 25, 2022

As time continues to move past us at lightning speed, so does the world of social media. For decades, people have been creating posts, from blogs to pictures and videos, posting them for friends, family and followers. Starting in the past couple years, gaining followers on different platforms has given some creators the ability to make money as a full time influencer. Their job, within brands that make deals with them, is to take products and share them across their platforms; talking about how great the product is and why you should buy it. Growing your profiles is not always about testing products. Content being posted could be comedy, informational, special talents, and many more things. Getting a person’s attention is the first step to growing an account. 

Public Social Media Platforms

Trying to get ahold of someone’s attention might be the hardest part of getting ahead in social media. Having a public platform allows people to easily check in on your account. Being able to move from account to account allows people to compare and even just improve on interactions. Followers and potential new followers, can search between hashtags to find accounts tailored to what they might be interested in or looking to find more information about. Putting hashtags in posts, whether it be in the comment section or in the caption itself, are one of the best ways to connect people to your page and content. Hashtags are easily located by followers in search engines. It can be something as simple as ‘football’ or ‘wedding cake design’ to gravitate attention to your page. 

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Social Media Trends

Although capturing the attention of other social media users can be done with the usage of hashtags, staying up to date on trends is another important component. Trends can be a lot more accessible for people to see, as they can be posted to other social pages and platforms. Staying on trends adds another approach for people to stay interactive and attentive to the platform. Having a creative mind and willingness to upload a lot onto social media can boost your appearance on pages that aren’t your own.


Your ability to post frequently can also have an effect on growth. Your uploads and shares are there for users to continue to tap on your profile. You are more likely to continue to pop up on users pages the more you post and the more they interact. A user’s interaction has a large pull in the layout of their feed. Being able to share others posts is also an interactive feature that many use. Having people tag your account on stories or posts, will allow yourself and others tagged, the ability to reshare. Tagging also allows others to click and explore new pages. 


Social Media as a Whole

Interaction on posts, whether it be stories or feed based posts are also ways to keep your social media present daily. Since stories are only available to be viewed for 24 hours at a time, interaction on those can be quick and silly things. Having an interactive post on your feed that asks a question will allow people to post their thoughts about it. Being able to execute things to your best ability will heighten your growth. Poor display may only create a downfall in engagement and growth. With that being said, the more platforms you are on, the more likely it is to gain attraction. While being on one platform is good, being on four or five platforms is great. 


Keeping up on social media can be hard to do on your own. Having a supportive and understanding team behind you can enhance your ability to post freely. At J&R we have the understanding to create for you and with you to incorporate all of the necessities to enhance your social media presence.

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