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Spotlight On: Jennifer Philbrick Of Homepoint Financial

Business  -  May 11, 2018

Finding the perfect career fit can sometimes be an undertaking. It’s not always easy to strike out into the unknown and start anew in a completely different field, but in order to achieve your dreams you sometimes have to step outside of your comfort zone. Once you take that step, you may find more comfort in your new field altogether. 

In this ‘Meet the Experts’ series we focus on an amazing women that decided to go after her dream job after twenty years on a different track.

Jennifer Philbrick (NMLS# 1692111) spent twenty years in the auto industry before discovering where her true passion is. Making the big career switch,  Jennifer joined the team at Homepoint Financial in Warwick Rhode Island where she is a mortgage loan originator. We sat down and asked her some questions about her position at Homepoint and how it felt to make such a big career change.

Jennifer Philbrick


Q: Can you tell us about your position at Homepoint? 

A: As a Mortgage loan originator for Homepoint I work to find the right mortgage program that suits the needs of my clients, then I gather and prepare the necessary documents, and follow the progress of the loan from application through to closing. I communicate with and educate clients during the process of setting up a mortgage program as well.

Q: What drew you to the financial industry, and in particular, Homepoint? 

A: I had worked in the financial wing of the auto industry for a few years prior to my career change and was inspired to move more towards finance and away from the auto field. I started looking for finance-related positions and when I found Homepoint I knew I had found the perfect match. They offer a great continuing education training program for new employees that allowed me to learn and catch up quickly with my coworkers. This in itself sold me, but I also really appreciate their defining statement, which is “we care.”  At Homepoint, they really do care and it shows in how well they treat their employees and clients.

Q: What is your favorite thing about your job? 

A: My favorite thing about working in this industry and at Homepoint is seeing satisfied customers. Buying a home is a huge and often stressful undertaking so when I can help someone finance their dream home it is a truly rewarding feeling. The gratitude I get to experience from new and potential homeowners is such a great feeling and really the most satisfying part of what I do.

Q: What advice would you give to someone looking to make a big career change.

It might not sound like much, but the biggest advice I can really give is, go for it! Just go for it! If you want this change then stop waiting around for it to happen and reach towards it instead. The only way to get what you want is to try.


We love helping our clients gain a buzz about their work and passion. Whether they’re new to the industry, or have been around for a long time, we know that going outside of our comfort zones and shooting for the stars is something we need to do in order to reach new heights and grow brands. Do you have an inspiring story about someone who recently switched careers? Tell us in the comments.

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