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Reasons to Love Branded Apparel

Branding  -  October 6, 2022

Everyone loves getting compliments on their clothes, so why not make them your own? With branded apparel, your name or company logo on a shirt can provide you with many benefits. It opens doors for people everywhere to see your brand.


When measuring the success of an ad or marketing effort, a common metric is cost per impression. An impression is counted when someone sees the designated media. Branded apparel can have some of the lowest cost per impression because of how frequently it’s worn. This makes branded apparel a great way to achieve growth in your business. When you’re proud of the work you and your team produces, you want others to recognize that as well. Although advertising can be expensive, apparel with your name on it can go a long way. It’s a walking promotion that can attract many new clients and customers. It can quickly educate anyone passing by of who you are and what you do. 


So far, branded apparel sounds fantastic right? What are the drawbacks? Branded apparel links the people wearing it to your brand, so they become mini “brand ambassadors”. Their behavior outside of your workplace reflects onto your business if they’re wearing your logo across their chest. 

Even though you never know how someone may act outside of your business, being seen as part of the business isn’t always a bad thing. Getting noticed for doing outstanding work should also be recognized throughout the work place. People love getting rewards without knowing they’re competing for one. Being able to hand out new, trendy merchandise for not only your customers but your staff is a simple and cost-effective way to show your gratitude. Not only is merchandise a great way to do this but also with promotional products. This can be as simple as a new key chain with your logo, or something cozy for the winter time like a fleece blanket with an embroidered logo on it.


While staying up to date with trends is very important in the apparel world, it is also important to release things based on the time of year. With cold weather, everyone loves to be cozy and stay warm. Things like sweatshirts and hats can be a perfect way to continue your branding into the winter and fall season. There are so many other different ways to brand for every season. For summer time, a fun beach ball or cooler to travel with for clients and employees. 


No matter what your business’ services are, logos can be put on all different things. Whether it be a shirt for an employee to wear as a uniform, or a shirt handed out for a giveaway or fundraiser. 


The world of branded apparel is endless. Not only are there so many different pieces of apparel to choose from, but also many different colors and styles. There are thousands of different shirts and sweatshirts that can screen printed on; or thousands of hats to be embroidered on. Between one color or multiple, the possibilities are endless for your business. The world of design and apparel is constantly changing so there is always room to expand and create new designs.

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