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Brady Blue

Branding  -  April 29, 2022

Just before the New Year, Tom Brady and Pantone partnered up to make “Brady Blue” otherwise known as Brady Blue 112-22. Brady Blue is a deep blue (similar to the Patriot’s color, as some have noted). Although Pantone went out of their way to note that this shade is NOT the same as the Patriot’s blue. Pantone describes the shade as follows

“Brady Blue 112-22 is bold, exuding strength and confidence, imbued with an inner intensity, emblematic of his self-determination and commitment to precision.”

What does this mean for the Pantone color world? Pantone has already done partnership deals with other stars like Beyonce, meaning that the door for partnership deals has been made a little wider.

As a little ode to the GOAT, here’s a video of his best moments.

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