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Color Choice in Logo Design and Brand Identity

Branding  -  October 12, 2023

 When designing a logo for your business, it is important to carefully consider your color choices. The colors that you incorporate into your logo say a lot about the nature and values of your business. These color choices also influence how consumers perceive your brand. In order to purposefully choose the colors that best suit your brand, you must have an understanding of the psychology behind different colors. 

logo design color choice

Warm Colors

Red: The attributes associated with the color red include passion, anger, and excitement. Red is a good color to incorporate into your logo if your brand is loud, striking and modern. However, if you want your brand to radiate feelings of calmness, then you may not want to include red in your color palette. 


Orange: The color orange is associated with feelings of energy, playfulness, and excitement. Orange is a great color to incorporate into  your logo if your brand is playful and energetic, but may not be right for you if your brand identity is more sophisticated or luxurious. 


Yellow: This color’s attributes are friendly, youthful, and cheerful. This bright, fresh color also emanates affordability, which is something to consider when including yellow in your logo and branding. If you want your brand to radiate maturity and luxury, then yellow is likely not the color for your logo. 


Pink: The attributes associated with pink include love, romance, femininity, and youthfulness. This color is worth incorporating if you have a young, fun-loving brand. However, you likely shouldn’t include it in your color palette if your brand is more serious and professional. 

logo design and brand identity color choice

Cool Colors

Green: This color is associated with calmness and nature, which makes it a popular color for eco-friendly brands. However, green is one of the most versatile colors and brands of varying values and aesthetics frequently incorporate this color into their logo. 


Blue: The color blue is associated with calmness, wisdom, confidence, and maturity. While blue is one of the most popular colors to use within a logo, it radiates sophistication and professionalism. In addition to green, blue is another versatile color to utilize.


Purple: Attributes for the color purple include luxury, sophistication, and spiritual awareness. Using purple in your logo design is a good idea if your brand is sophisticated and creative.

brand identity logo design color

Neutral Colors

White: The color white is very clean and evokes feelings of clarity and innocence. Businesses commonly create secondary logos that are entirely white and use white in combination with other colors in their primary logo.


Brown: Some attributes for the color brown include nature, confidence, and seriousness. Brown is a great color to choose if your brand is earthy or nature oriented, but it is also associated with things that are hand-made or rugged.


Black: The color black is used to portray luxury and strength. It is a great color to use in your logo if you want a modern, professional, and luxurious feel.


Bottom Line

With an understanding of the psychology behind color, you can create a logo that accurately represents your brand and uses colors in a meaningful way. By making purposeful color choices for your brand, you have a better chance of attracting consumers in your target audience and connecting with them on a deeper, emotional level. For more information on logo design and branding, visit https://www.jandrmarketing.com/.

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