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J&R’s Featured Products Of The Month

Branding  -  February 27, 2018

We are proud of what we do and for the amazing businesses and brands that we do it for. We have an amazing team and work with some of the best clients, vendors and manufactures we could ask for. With our new digital marketing department cranking away and our new office officially open, we thought that this would be the best time to start showcasing some of our favorite projects or products from the previous month. We’ll post once per month for the previous month showcasing some awesome work, great companies and hopefully giving you some cool ideas for projects/products that you have coming up in the future!

Thundermist Crayons

Thundermist Crayons


Thundermist is an awesome client of ours that is no stranger to the hundreds of branded products and marketing services that they’ve produced over the years. However, these custom crayon boxes that we produced were a favorite at our office (and we think theirs). It might not seem like much, but these crayons have got an awesome story behind them that makes us even more proud to represent Thundermist. As an inclusive health center that offers a variety of services and events for their patients, Thundermist has a lot of children present of all ages, and what do kids of all ages love? Arts and crafts. What do health centers hate? Germs. Well, these crayons here were donated for just this reason. Every kid who comes through the doors of Thundermist gets a bag with a coloring book and a box of these crayons to take home with them, avoiding the spread of germs and helping to keep kids busy while they and their parents are awaiting treatment. We love working with Thundermist and think it’s so cool that someone donated the money for these crayons to be made!

Lash aftercare cards for Lashed by Miranda

Lash aftercare cards



It’s the little things that go a long away and custom print products like these showcase the simple things that we do, but this post showcases why they are a big deal. Lashed by Miranda is a lash extension company that offers long-lasting extensions in full and partial sets. Many businesses focus a lot of their efforts on generating sales and sometimes forget the little things. Miranda worked directly with one of our graphic designers, Leah and put together a great design that is all about the care needed after her service is provided. It’s simple, it’s effective and the kicker? SLAY ALL DAY as the last line on the back.

Apparel for the Daniel Hand High School Show Choir



Helping businesses and brands with events is what we do. However, we don’t just help by providing the printed apparel or the printed products – we also help set up, sell custom products & products, and set up machines to provide customization.

Meet Daniel Hand High. Daniel Hand hosted their third Connecticut Classic at their school. This event is a High School Show Choir where dozens of schools compete (like Glee? Yes, think Glee.) We printed hundreds of shirts and products to be sold to the thousands that attended. Our operations team left at 5am to setup and started printed shirts from 8am until 10pm.

This post is a shout out to our products, and while we are featuring the products for Daniel Hand (showcased above) – this is also shout out to the whole process and event!

Want your products or services featured? Be sure to mention it to your Account Manager! 

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