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It’s All About The Engaging Content

Digital Marketing  -  January 7, 2018

Everyone strives to create the very best content to intrigue their audience and capture attention, but sometimes writer’s block kicks in and you feel that you’ll never be able to prepare exceptional content that is significantly different from all the rest.

So when you’re feeling overwhelmed and unsure about how to make a great impact with your content, use these simple tips to guide your writing. Before you know it, you’ll have created compelling content that is bound to appeal to your audience and persuade them to read it from top to bottom.

Powerful Images

The eye is drawn to an image far more readily than to blocks of text – it’s how the brain is programmed. By using a powerful image as a header, you can attract the reader to your content before they have even read a single word. And by breaking up blocks of text with images in a longer article, you will keep the reader’s attention throughout.

Tempting Title

The title is what the reader first sees and it must be tempting. It has to give a hint of what the article is all about and make the reader want to find out more. There are literally millions of articles on the internet on any given topic, so make yours stand out with a punchy, quirky, or unusual title. In fact, why not aim for all three?

Scene Setting

Don’t just jump into a list of “Top Tips For….” or “Great Ways To…” Set the scene with a short but informative introduction. Explain succinctly how you are going to deliver what your title has promised.

Strong Personality

Long gone are the days when articles had to be written formally and precisely. Nowadays the world is your oyster, in fact, I’d encourage you to let your personality shine through in any article you write. After all, wouldn’t you rather read a dynamic and inspiring article rather than one that is factually correct but oh so boring?

Easy to Read

Now, this may sound pretty straightforward, but many bloggers and article writers overlook the fact that many people nowadays read by skimming text. If they are confronted with a full page of small font text packed with long-winded sentences, they will soon head off and find something more appealing.

Content should comprise short, easy to digest sentences, and these should be placed in short, easy to digest paragraphs, with images, and in list form wherever possible. The easier the content can be read and understood, the more exposure it will get.

Numbers Count

If you’re trying to make a point and have statistical evidence to back it up, then share it. It doesn’t mean you have to bamboozle readers with all manner of statistical probabilities. But a short statement such as “70% of consumers prefer to get to know a company via articles rather than ads according to contentplus.co.uk” is actually quite fascinating.

Quote the Experts

Quotes are incredibly popular – take a look at Facebook and see how many get shared and how many different types of people they are shared by. Include a well placed and appropriate quote in your content and you’ll entertain your audience and make them reflect on your message.

Tell a Story

A personal story or one from a well-known figure can enhance your content if used well. It can really add personality to your article and make it a far more interesting read.


All of your content should finish with a call-to-action. Make it simple for the reader to click through to view more of your content, to share it on social media or to sign up for your newsletter. If they really enjoyed your compelling content, there’s a strong chance that they will want to read more.

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