Core Values

Mission Statement

Our mission at J&R Marketing is to help businesses and brands grow by providing full-service marketing catered to our clients’ goals.

Core Values

Our core values and mission statement help guide our culture and interactions. As a company deeply invested in the growth and success of our clients as well as our employees, we know that we hold an obligation to ethically work towards constant improvement and we know the best cultures produce the best results. We’ve carefully considered and adopted values that maintain and drive positive peer and client relationships, effective workflows, and open communication.


Open communication means finding solutions faster. 

We consider transparency in all of our communication and workflows, both internal and external. We think it’s important for clients to be completely clear on everything from delivery dates and quality to our own knowledge and expectations. At the office, we take open communication to heart and make sure our team has access to the information they need and feel invited to ask questions and share input.


Because two heads are better than one. 

We’ve created a fun, supportive, and agile environment where collaboration thrives and creativity is encouraged. We don’t believe in the “not my job” mentality. Peer support is simply required at J&R and we love working closely with our clients on projects.


Never stop learning.   

Learning at J&R means a focus on professional development. We love watching our employees grow as much as we love watching our company continue to grow. A commitment to learning makes our work more exciting and grants us a natural competitive edge. We do not go with the status quo.

Customized Experiences

Unique solutions for a unique you. 

We understand that all of our clients have unique needs and each company we work with deserves solutions and services that are designed for them. We go the extra mile to create catered plans that produce results because we believe that each individual deserves individual attention.

Customer Focus

We’re not saying we’re obsessed… well maybe just a little. 

Our goal is not to simply offer a one time service, but to build an ongoing relationship with our clients as marketing partners. Through focusing so intensely on our client journey we’ve been able to create innovative and outstanding quality work based on an advanced understanding of their industries, customer base, and goals. Focusing on each customer also keeps our work fresh and interesting.

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