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3 Things A Coffee Shop (Brewed Awakenings) Taught Me

Business  -  January 7, 2018

A few months ago I attended a conference in Florida and on the first morning I woke up craving Brewed Awakenings coffee.

I could have easily walked downstairs and turned left to Dunkin Donuts or right to Starbucks, so why did I find myself craving Brewed Awakenings? Because I have come to realize that they serve much more than coffee. They sell cleanliness, comfort, and consistency with a welcoming atmosphere and a large variety of drinks to choose from.

All of their locations offer an extremely inviting atmosphere that makes it great for meetings. When I started J&R Marketing three years ago, Brewed was my unofficial conference room and to this day remains an integral part of our company. I’ve hired people, conducted reviews, held conferences, closed major deals and met with clients at each of their locations. I have personally turned many of my clients into avid Brewed Awakening customers who frequently stop in.

Out of all the locations, not once have I had a poor experience or felt unwelcome – no matter how long I chose to stay there. On many occasions when I stop in the new Johnston location I’m greeted by first name. This type of success in a business doesn’t happen by accident, and it’s not just great marketing; it’s a collective mindset throughout their organization that truly captures the brand greatness in everything that Brewed does. The company puts actions into words and is a brand model that many businesses should aspire to be. As a business owner Brewed Awakenings has provided me with three very specific tips that I am excited to share with you.



Tip 1: It’s not what you offer, it’s how you offer it.

Brewed understands how its products fit into the everyday lives of customers. For example, they are not under nor overpriced and the company recognizes that the quality of the experience – where and how you drink your coffee – is often as important as the quality of the coffee itself.

Tip 2: Add value to your customers; give them a reason to choose you.

Brewed appreciates that in order for its business to be successful and to grow the way it has, it needs to add value to its customers. Among other things welcoming customers by name, offering a fast service and good products is what they do. Also, have you been into a Panera and tried to use their wifi? The slow speed and poor connection is not a problem at Brewed.

Tip 3: Be consistent. Offer a service that is manageable and repeatable.

Each location offers a somewhat different atmosphere but all three locations offer the same culture that results in sustaining strong lifetime relationship with customers. Each location offers a welcoming service with consistency in how each is run which is refreshing and makes a visit something to look forward to.

With great customer service, consistency and a product I like (not to mention the free business tips that I’ve learned along the way) I will continue to always be a Brewed customer over all other coffee options.

Now if only we could develop a website for them, we could match the way the rest of company is run with an impressive online presence.

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