Website Planning

    For large or complex design or development projects proper planning and research are required before moving forward. Once we begin any website project we have specific documentation and information we gather to properly design and review your work.

    website planning




    Phase 1 – Understanding

    This is where we learn about your company, goals and who you are competing against.

    → Understanding your business: No one knows your business like you. We start by learning the basics of your business from your location and service offering to your current clients. 

    → Understanding your needs and goals: We need to make sure we understand your core needs and goals with your new website. What are you looking to accomplish with your new website in the short and long term? 

    → Understanding your competition: By understanding and researching your direct competitors we are able to highlight what they are doing online, benefits of your company and more. 

    Phase 2 – Planning
    At this stage we provide you with access to our online project manager to view and share documents, specs and more.

    → Sitemap – A sitemap lists all of the pages on your website. Start by writing down all the pages that you think are important for your website.

    → Features & Functionality – What are the technical requirements for your website? Do you need to accept payments? Do your users need to log into the website? Do you require any custom integration like Salesforce, Hubspot or Marketo?

    → Access & Flexibility – This is where the details start falling to place. How will your information be structured on the site? Do you prefer a specific content management system 

    Phase 3 – Creating

    → Wireframe – This is where general layouts of your website are put together for review.

    → General UI – Once the wireframes are approved the user interface of your website is created for your review.

    → Website Development – Once the wireframe and general UI are approved your specific pages are then created. 

     Phase 4 – Launching & Updating 

    → Review & Testing – Your website is tested and reviewed thoroughly.

    → Website Launch – Once your website is approved, we launch your website on our servers or your hosting provider.

    → Website Training – If your website is built on a CMS (content management system) we’ll provide basic training to allow you to make updates and changes to your website at anytime.

    → Website Maintenance – Our development work is 100% owned by our clients. Once their balance is paid they can choose to manage the website internally, have our developers maintain the website for them or work with a 3rd party to make changes to the website.



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