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    6-ecommerce-design-tipsIf you’re designing a Rhode Island e-Commerce website, you need to take into consideration some important design elements.  The ultimate purpose of your e-Commerce website is to make sales – so make it as easy as possible for your customers to part with their hard earned cash.

    1.Brand Positioning

    You know your target market and product inside out.  Make your website reflect this – no point in trying to sell bargain basement disposable products on a website that looks like it stepped off the cover of Vogue magazine.  Conversely don’t try to sell top notch jewelry from an unpolished, unprofessional website that looks plain tacky.  The overall visual look of your website needs to loudly proclaim the type of product you are selling – luxury or low end of the market.  Otherwise your visitors will be very confused and unlikely to purchase anything.

    2.Product Pages

    The homepage is very important but so are the internal pages of your e-Commerce website.  You want visitors to move through the product purchase steps - from the home page to the relevant internal pages, and then to the ‘buy now’ section.  Group similar products in easily searchable category pages.  Include an accurate, descriptive headline and a simple informative introduction to the products in that category at the top of the page.  If you don’t spend enough time on getting these internal pages just right, visitors won’t find what they are looking for and will bounce right off.

    3.Calls to Action

    Make your click throughs clear and idiot proof.  Click through buttons should be boldly colored to stand out from the rest of the text and do put them in a high profile position – not necessarily at the end of the page where they will only be seen in the visitor scrolls down.  Try a nifty position at the side of the text.  For a word link, make sure the text is larger, or a different color, and underline the words – nowadays everyone understands that this is a click through option.

    4.Contact Information

    Imagine a client wants to make a purchase but still has a few niggling questions.  Place the contact details for your Rhode Island business in a highly visible place on the website. The client can just pick up the phone to get the answers.  If they can’t get an immediate response, chances are they’ll be off elsewhere.  If another company resolves their queries and puts their mind at rest, they will be the one to seal the deal!

    5.The Shopping Basket

    Aha – now you have them!  The client has popped a couple of items in their shopping cart.  The shopping cart is functional but don’t ignore the design elements.  And usability is critical here.  Too complicated to delete something from the basket?  Too complicated to see the final price inclusive of postage and packaging?  Too complicated means your average customer will just abandon the basket - they won’t be back either as their lasting impression is that it’s far too tricky to complete a purchase on your website.

    6.Online Payment

    Reassure your customers that your Rhode Island e-Commerce website can process their online payment securely and privately.  It’s a big thing to give out your beloved credit card details to a faceless organization – who knows what might happen to them.  Credit card fraud is a biggie so implement security measures such as McAfee Secure which protects clients from this and identity theft.  Become a member of the Better Business Bureau to prove your business is a trustworthy one.  And add these trust symbols to your website to convince your clients to have faith in you - only confident clients will make online purchases using their credit card.

    These are some general tips to get the best from your Rhode Island e-Commerce website, but as they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating - monitoring sales is the ultimate way to test your website’s effectiveness.

    Amanda Kelly

    Amanda is an active writer for J&R Marketing. Covering a wide range of social, marketing and business topics, Amanda also provides consulting services to many small businesses. 

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