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    11-website-contentIn an earlier article in the Website Design 101 series we briefly looked at onsite SEO for your website.  There we touched on defining appropriate keywords for your website and cleverly placing them in URLs, meta descriptions and within the main website content to increase your rankings on search engines.  But if the overall quality of your website content leaves a bit to be desired, you’re not going to get anywhere near the hallowed first page of the search engine results.

    It's all about Quality Content

    Make your message stand out from the crowd.  Are you writing the content with a fresh approach rather than the same old, same old found on hundreds of other similar websites?

    Is the content actually interesting?  People won’t stay for long if you have written boring trash.

    Are you clearly defining the Unique Selling Point of your services and products?  It’s the well worded content that will explain why your products are different to all the others and tip the balance in your favor in this competitive world.

    It's the Keywords in the Content that Matter

    The keywords you define must reflect the types of words that your customers will use in a search.  If they want to find a builder for their new dream home, then don’t use a fancy keyword such as construction expert – builder fits the bill nicely, thank you very much.

    While it’s imperative that your keywords appear in your website content, don’t overdo it. Some so-called experts call for a 4-5% keyword density, or four to five keywords in every hundred. More recently noted by our Search Engine Optimiztion department 5% is sometimes just too much. J&R Marketing's reommended keyword density should fall between 3-4%, any more than that seems more spammy to search engines than rich content based. Assuming hitting 3-4% of content is too much and forces awkward reading, you're in danger of driving your customers away as they struggle to understand your message.  And a high number of keywords within the content is no guarantee of higher rankings.

    So just chill, go with the flow and write the content so that if flows naturally, incorporating the keywords so that they don’t distort the message.

    The Numbers Really do matter - Metrics

    To assess the quality of your website content, use the available metrics.  A high bounce rate is verrrry bad.  A visitor has come to your website, taken a peek then left straight away.  Clearly the content was of absolutely no interest to them. 

    On the other hand, a long time spent on your website is a really grrrrrreat thing.  Success is directly linked to the quality of your copy.  Ok, so maybe some people could sit in front of their computer for several minutes, enthralled by a moving banner – but these people are in the minority.  If someone is spending more than a few minutes on your website, it’s most likely that they are reading your content.  And so it follows that you have high quality content, a well structured layout with great call to actions.  Well done you!

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