Even More Simple Steps to Improve your Website

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    13-improve-your-websiteOne of our previous articles described some really simple ways to check your website as part of your regular maintenance activities and to get it functioning at its very best. Here are even more simple steps to improve your new website to satisfy discerning visitors so that they will progress to contacting you for more information or to buy one of your great products. 

    • Ensure the content is laid out in a easy to scan format
    • Include enough pictures to make each page visually interesting and to offer relief for the reader’s eyes from chunks of text – at least one per page
    • Create a Privacy Policy and add to the footer of each and every page
    • Include a link to Google Maps for the location of your business on an appropriate page –normally on the Contact Us page
    • Ensure your website has a favicon
    • Remove flashing GIF animations (try to not use flash)
    • Let you visitors behind the scenes – make sure your About Us page reflects the company’s personality and ethos
    • Remove broken links or fix them (Use Google Web Master)
    • Include your company logo at the top of each web page
    • Validate your source code until it is absolutely right
    • Use underscores in filenames instead of dashes
    • Keep an eye on the duration of your domain registration – and keep on extending it
    • Include a link to your website sitemap on the footer of every page
    • Update your Contact Us forms and add in extra fields if there is additional information you require from your visitors
    • Keep visitors on track with confirmation notices each time they complete a significant action – an effective, reassuring tool

    Keep on plugging away at your website improvements.  Time never stands still in internet world.  And ultimately you need to create the easiest and most enjoyable website experience for your visitor and to ensure that you haven’t overlooked any more technical aspects that could pull you down in the search engine rankings.

    Joe Russo

    Joe Russo has over 6 years of experience with online marketing, sales and business management. Joe enjoys working on challenging projects, working late hours and the Boston Celtics. 

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