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    twitter-facts-small-businessTwitter was launched on July 15th 2006 and has grown to worldwide success. Understanding Twitter better to leverage the social media website for your business is important. Here are some Twitter Truths about many people’s favorite social media website which is also called the SMS of the internet:

    The Stats

    • In 2008, 3 million people used Twitter but this increased to 225 million in 2011.
    • In June 2012, registered Twitter users surpassed the 500 million mark with over 140 million living in the USA.
    • In 2008, Twitter had just 8 employees.  Today this exceeds 900.
    • The US has the highest number of tweeters followed by Japan and Brazil.
    • In one week, a billion tweets are posted.
    • 61% of all tweets are in the English language.
    • Lady Gaga currently reigns supreme with the most number of followers on Twitter at 32,470,283 closely followed by Justin Bieber with 32,016,150.
    • 5% of Twitter users are very active and create 75% of posted content.
    • 40% of tweets are just trivial comments.
    • Twitter is in the top 10 of most visited websites.

    The Facts

    • Creator Jack Dorsey came up with the name Twitter, meaning both chirps from birds, and a short burst of inconsequential information.
    •  Twitter has attracted serious investors.  The most financially significant was in 2010 – a $800 million investment by Digital Sky Technology.
    • Once Twitter was embedded in the Apple mobile operating system in 2011, it saw an increase of 300% in registered users.
    • Twitter has been valued at more than $8 billion.
    • Human nature being what it is, people are more likely to tweet negative comments than positive ones.
    • Every single public tweet since Twitter’s inception is going to be archived at the Library of Congress.

    The World Records

    • When Charlie Sheen had a public meltdown and tweeted about it, he set a new world record for the quickest time to reach 1 million followers at just over 25 hours in March 2011.
    • When Tim Tebow of The Denver Broncos won the Pittsburgh Steelers in January 2012, 9420 tweets were sent a second, a new world record at the time.
    • But in February 2012, Madonna’s halftime performance at the Super Bowl resulted in 10,245 tweets per second, a record that was quickly smashed by the end of the game when 12,223 tweets were sent.

    Twitter users, particularly in the US are an active crowd, and your business needs to take advantage of this fact.  Set up your company Twitter account and get tweeting to encourage more followers. This free marketing channel is sure to help get your company name out there. For small business facts about Facebook click here.

    Amanda Kelly

    Amanda is an active writer for J&R Marketing. Covering a wide range of social, marketing and business topics, Amanda also provides consulting services to many small businesses. 

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