Tweeting – How Much is Too Much?

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    tweeting-too-muchIt is a commonly posed question – how often should I tweet?  Well there’s no gold rule.  It is entirely up to you – tweet as much as you feel comfortable with. Some people may opt to send out tweets several times a day, but if they are all promotional posts to sell products or services, the company’s followers will soon get bored and stop following – there are plenty of other Tweeters to follow who do post great content.  At J&R Marketing we might tweet a couple of times a day, or only once a day.  It all depends on what we have to say!  We believe there is no point in tweeting if the content is poor.  So here are some other considerations when you are launching or improving your twitter account.

    • Brand new Twitter accounts with a high level of activity may well get shut down by Twitter.  So start off gradually and steadily. 
    • Don’t use automated tools to send out scheduled tweets straight away. Instead it's best to post naturally, be consistent but follow the "only share/post good content, that makes sense to share" rule.
    • Do post great content and get a good balance between promotional and general interest tweets.  You want your followers to share or re-tweet your content to spread the word about your business, and they will only do that if they think your posts are worthwhile.  Many people obsess about the frequency of tweeting and overlook the fact that they need to share interesting content.  Informative and unusual tweets will lead to more followers of like-minded people who will share your information with their contacts.
    • When your Twitter account is well established, consider the use of automated tools to schedule your tweets, which are really useful if you are planning to be a high frequency Tweeter.  This ensures you are highly organized and can easily track back to see what you last posted and when.  Some great tools to help you achieve this are Buffer, Hootsuite and Socialoomph.  Interesting some people are completely against scheduled tweets and believe in only real time posts.  Again it’s a matter of preference and if it makes you more efficient in managing your Twitter campaign, then bring it on! 

    Utimately Twitter is there for you to use to promote your company, to encourage more followers and drive more traffic to your website.  So when you find yourself worrying about if you are tweeting too much or too little, take a good look at the number of followers you have and their level of engagement with you – a much more pragmatic assessment of the success of your Twitter marketing campaign!

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