The true Value of a Facebook Like

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    facebook-like-true-valueFor 950 million users, Facebook is just the best way to catch up on gossip, share photos and check what friends are up to.  With access to Facebook from mobile devices, dedicated users are rarely away from their Facebook network.

    So where does a branded Facebook page come into the equation?  We literally obsess about how to get more “Likes”-  where fans click a button to show their appreciation of our product and brand.  More likes are good, more likes are essential, the only way our business will prosper is with MORE LIKES!  Are we becoming brainwashed about the importance of today’s Facebook fashion of liking? 

    When a fan likes your branded Facebook page, they will automatically receive all of your future posts in their newsfeed.  Whether they see them or not is another matter.  If they use Facebook regularly they probably will, but the less regular user may well miss them if they don’t scroll down to see all the newsfeeds they have missed.  Unless of course one of your posts is a “top story” and so gets bumped higher up the list – yes, you guessed it, a top story has lots of likes as well as more shares and more comments.

    So maybe there is something in this Facebook liking mania.  The ability to delivery your information directly to interested people should not be overlooked.  No need for them to conduct a Google search, no need to log onto your website.  They are seeing your news without having to leave the comfort of their Facebook page.  So as another marketing tool in your overall strategy, which costs absolutely nothing, perhaps we are right to obsessing about how to get more likes.

    So what’s the plan?  I offer you the simplest of solutions – get more likes from fans by helping them to save money by posting discounts, or giving a free giveaway.  Wow, so that’s the secret to more likes.  Are you stunned and amazed?  I am being a little facetious but these two options are very, very attractive to your fans, human nature being what it is.

    On a less cynical note, there are other reasons that people will like your Facebook brand page. They really like the personal touch, the feeling of interaction with real people managing your page.  Post photos of your staff, your store and of people using your product – ideally a celebrity if you can wangle it.  Try sharing hot-off-the-press news and keep the angle interesting or even amusing – consider some information to post that you wouldn’t think appropriate for your more factual website platform.  If it is interesting enough, your fan will share it with friends, who will then want to share it with their friends and so on, and so on.  If a proportion of them are intrigued enough to find out more about your business then you could be on the way to more sales.

    But wait a minute.  You’ve got 100 new likes and have spent quite a bit on free giveaways.  Now is payback time – show me the money!  Be extremely vigilant about the call-to-action step in your Facebook posts.  Giveaways are all well and good but you need income.  A discount ensures some income so if you try this option, be clear on what the fans need to do next.  If they need to visit a specific page on your website, make it easy for them and include the link in the post.  And hope that your ongoing amusing and interesting posts will encourage them to buy something at full price in the future!

    All in all, a branded Facebook page is another platform on which to promote your business and products and it costs nothing.  Don’t forget to include all contact details in the “About” section at the top of the page, including the website address.  And do frequently include a link from the Facebook post directly to your website – so fans can click through and get a better understanding of all the products and services you have on offer - and ultimately part with some money.

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