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    x-factor-for-your-businessWhen you create social media pages for your business don’t just sit back and expect that new followers will miraculously appear.  You need to work it.  You need to show that you have the social media X factor to get people to engage with your page.

    Many companies are lazy about maintaining their social media presence and this is more than a shortfall – it is a waste of a free marketing channel.  Your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn pages can be used to their fullest potential to put a face to your business and to grow a community of avid followers who really like your company and brand.  But it takes some time and effort.  So follow these tips to make your efforts effective both in time and results.  Then you will keep your followers happy and encourage them to spread the news about your social media X factor appeal.

    New News

    Just because other social media pages are discussing some hot news item doesn’t prevent you from discussing it too.  But put a different spin on it and retell it from a new angle.  Your fans will be impressed on your different take.

    If there is a bunch of information available online in articles, blogs and videos, use content curation which is starting to be very popular in social media.  Gather together the best information on a specific topic and deliver it up to your fans for easy, informative reading.  If you go for this approach, just make sure you give credit to your sources – give credit where credit is due, is the mantra for this approach.

    2.Be Opinionated

    I for one absolutely adore it when someone steps away from the crowd and tells us what they really, truly think about a certain situation when everyone else seems to just be regurgitating the party line.  It’s just so refreshing.  Even if I don’t agree whole heartedly, I applaud the writer who is prepared to put their opinions out to the masses with conviction. 

    If you want to get loyal followers on your social media pages, don’t be afraid to voice your opinion.  No-one has time to read re-hashed comment.  Go out on a limb and tell your readers what you really think.  I’m not saying be offensive to anyone, either within your target market or outside of it, as that is quite out of order.  But well structured arguments that go against common opinion will generate a lot of interest and your fans will engage with you – whether to agree or disagree.

    3.Write for your Audience

    When you are penning your persuasive arguments, don’t use hard to follow, flowery language in long overly convoluted sentences, with many sub-clauses and unnecessary adjectives and prepositions and propositions, and other such nonsense which makes it exhausting for the reader until they completely lose the plot about what you are trying to say.

    See what I mean? 

    There is nothing wrong with a short sentence.  There is nothing wrong with simple language.  OK you can throw in a few, great descriptive words but just don’t go over the top.  Overly complicated use of language just makes the reader move on to something else.

    4.Quality Counts

    Quality does indeed count and anyone who tells you differently is a fool.  You may feel you need to post on all your social media pages daily, but if you don’t have something worthwhile to say, say nothing.  Two or three great posts a week are more beneficial than seven mediocre ones.  Your readers will soon tire of poorly written or boring posts and will drift away from your community.  So focus on good quality material that captures the attention of your fans so that they want to ‘like’, ‘share’ or simply enjoy and come back for more.

    5.Embrace all Comments

    When you post on your social media pages, particularly when you are voicing your personal opinions, be prepared for comments from your fans.  Hopefully most will be positive and supportive but you will of course receive negative feedback.  Get into the right mind set and just embrace all the comments.  Don’t take the negative ones personally even though it is human nature to do so.  Rise above it and appreciate the fact that people are reading your post and feel inspired enough to comment on it.  And that is something that many other businesses would be jealous of.  The more comments you get, the more likely is that your content will get shared with a wider audience.  And the bottom line is that this is what your business needs.

    Joe Russo

    Joe Russo has over 6 years of experience with online marketing, sales and business management. Joe enjoys working on challenging projects, working late hours and the Boston Celtics. 

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