Social Media Myths vs. Social Media Facts

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social-media-myths-factsWith anything comes myths and facts and social media is no different. Once social media made its transition to business there were no set rules, no resources and no proven facts. When that happens you can find “professionals” claiming to know everything there is to know about social media. Some end up knowing a great deal of information while others end up causing much more harm than good. With that said, let’s take a look at the Top 5 Social Media Myths and the Top 5 Social Media Facts that are true to this day.

Social Media Myths

As long as you create a social media account you will generate more business.

If you survived without social media for all these years you do not need a social media account now.

You should create a social media account on every social media website.

You need to have a specialized marketing guy or company for social media.

Your customers aren’t using Social Media

Social Media Facts

Creating a social media account is not enough you must connect; post good content and engage with followers.

Regardless of age, gender or ethnicity, statistically speaking your customers and clients are using social media.

Social Media is free to create accounts but in order to use social media successfully it is an investment of time and content that pays you back over time.

Social Media works in conjunction with other marketing and media efforts such as email marketing, in-store engagement and more.

Social Media does not need to be handled by a large marketing company but it does need to be handled by someone who is willing to learn how important posting content and engaging with customers is.

Amanda Kelly

Amanda is an active writer for J&R Marketing. Covering a wide range of social, marketing and business topics, Amanda also provides consulting services to many small businesses. 

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