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    seo-vs-social-mediaWhen it comes to the success of your website to generate as many sales as possible there are two popular online marketing trends that are mentioned over and over again; SEO and Social Media. Both can be extremely important to your business and when executed correctly can add great benefits to your online presence. In a perfect world you could have an endless amount of resources and efforts successfully building both your SEO and social media presence. Unfortunately we are not in a perfect world and that is most likely not the case. So, when your business only has a limited amount of resources which is better for your company? To look deeper into the subject let’s look at both the advantages and disadvantages of SEO and Social Media.

    Advantages of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Internet Marketing 

    1. Creating content you can repurpose – Constant content creation is a great way to boost your SEO.
    2. Long term gains that don’t diminish – When you create great content it becomes indexed by search engines and shared by visitors. What takes you hours to write can bring you traffic for years. That’s a great ROI.
    3. Long tail search brings targeted traffic – When you invest in SEO it typically means you are optimized for long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are specific keywords that are – longer. Take the example of Marketing company and Internet Marketing company.
    4. Inbound links help your website and your reputation – The best way to build traffic and high page ranks on search engines is to build high-authority related links to your website.
    5. SEO Gives a leverage to local businesses – If you have an actual location and are tailoring your searches towards both local and mobile searches Google will give you your website ranking leverage over a non-local website.
    6. SEO has gotten easier – Properly set up your URL’s, page and page titles, research your keywords and write great content frequently. If done correctly link building can happen naturally over time.

    Disadvantages of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Internet Marketing

    1. SEO takes a lot of time – The excellent content that you create and ensuring that the content is shared takes both time and research. Constantly reviewing keywords, keywords phrases and rankings also takes time.
    2. Still need technical SEO – While great content creation is the key to a great SEO strategy it still takes technical SEO to fully take advantage of all SEO practices; 301 Redirects, site structure, site maps, site hosting.
    3. It’s not just Google you need to worry about – Believe it or not there are other search engines out there. While Google does receive a good majority of the traffic it’s not the only search engine a SEO campaign should cover.
    4. Too much is out of your control – While you have full control of on-page SEO, a majority of the success of your online presence comes from off-page SEO, better known as link building. The way search engines place value on links changes everyday.
    5. You can’t manager everything – There are simply too many aspects off SEO to stay on top off. Daily changes, new rules and updates to the search engines.
    6. SEO requires long term upkeep – You may be at the top of the search engines tomorrow but if you stop producing content, staying consistent and up to date with SEO changes, you’ll loss your rankings.

    Advantages of Social Media for Internet Marketing

    1. Social Media helps improve your SEO – Social media sites are constantly throwing around content, if that content is yours and pointing towards your website, Google and search engines look at those links as inbound and can help improve your SEO.
    2. You’ll build strong relationships – By maintaining an active social media presence you can connect with your customers, clients and generate more referrals to your business.
    3. Social Content can be repurposed – If you are on many social media sites you can repurpose and alter your content for each social media site.
    4. More targeted network – There are thousands of thousands of people on social networks which allows you to target who you would like to connect with. For example the small business or the big business execs.
    5. Social Media is driven by user content – User content is driven by customers and consumers and allows you to know what your client base is looking for. You are not simply looking for business – you are connecting with business.

    Disadvantages of Social Media for Internet Marketing

    1. Social Media fails without content – If you are not sharing content or connecting with anyone on your social media site, it would be better off not being on a social site at all. It’s like someone driving by your store with the lights off and no one there.
    2. Success takes a long time – In order to have success on social media sites growth takes time. It can take months or years to build a strong social following.
    3. Social media content expires quickly – Unlike content written on your website your creative tweets and posts expire very quickly. In minutes your tweets will be buried behind other tweets and in hours your posts will no longer be on your follower’s feeds – and that’s if they were ever seen at all!
    4. Monitoring takes time and is time intensive – There are many social media sites and regardless if you are on one, two or all of them the statuses and posts keep coming and coming. While there are tools to manage your social media site, it’s simply impossible to keep up with all of them.

    Social Media and SEO work best together but what if you could only choose one?

    Let’s assume that you are already creating quality content for your industry and company. You have a good idea of the relevant terms that your company should be ranking for and understand who you should connect with via the social networks. You could hire a social media manager to promote all the great content that you are creating to help grow your social presence. Or you could shift your resources to hire a technical SEO expert to both manage and grow your page rank for your website.

    Now that you understand both the benefits and disadvantages of social media and SEO you should evaluate which offering can better your company. If we were to only have one choice of social media or SEO we would choose SEO by a slight margin. While social media is extremely important for sharing content and connecting with customers and potential customers, our SEO knowledge has generated us great amounts of traffic and customers over the years. It’s important to remember that each company is different and every company has different resources. Take a look at what you already know about your company and online presence and try to make the best decision for the success of your company. Remember, it’s better to be excellent at one thing than decent at two. 

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