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    improved-linkedinThe LinkedIn website has been dramatically redesigned recently to create a far sleeker version of the original, with plenty of emphasis on visitor interaction and engagement.   There are plenty of opportunities to follow, like, share and comment – words which used to have slightly different meanings, but nowadays are synonymous in most people’s minds with social media interaction options.  It has become almost obligatory to have these terms on any social media platform for it to function as people expect.   When people can interact as much as they want, they are far more likely to stay on the website and more likely to return.

    The new LinkedIn interface is far easier-to-navigate and on log- in, you see a selection of LinkedIn’s recommended news – which you can like, share and comment on to your heart’s content. 

    Similarly LinkedIn has improved the layout of the Company Pages to entice visitors to engage with your Rhode Island business with a view to making enquiries and ultimately a purchase.  These are some of the new jazzed up elements on the Company Pages:

    1.Setting the Scene - You can now add your company logo to the header giving it a clearly defined brand.

    2.Sharing Information - One of the biggest changes is that the Recent Updates section is now at the top of theHere is your opportunity to catch visitors’ attention.  As with other social media, you can post a picture and chose a succinct title–this can link through to the relevant page on your company website.  Under the title is room for a short overview, so the reader can quickly see if they want to read more.  And the ubiquitous like, share and comment options are of course also here.

    3.Products and Services - Your Rhode Island company products and services can now be shown prominently in the rightThis is a great improvement on the previous version of the website where visitors had to click on the tab in the navigation bar to find what they wanted on an internal page.

    4.About you – the company background section is visible at the bottom of the recent posts and is roomy enough for all the relevant information.

    Getting the right set up of your Rhode Island company page on LinkedIn is important to give a good visual impression to new visitors.  Keep it updated with regular posts to encourage visitor interaction – then monitor what’s working and what’s not.

    Amanda Kelly

    Amanda is an active writer for J&R Marketing. Covering a wide range of social, marketing and business topics, Amanda also provides consulting services to many small businesses. 

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