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    get-facebook-fans-engagedYou know the new rules.  Must have active Facebook page for your business.  Must post frequently.  But why?  The fundamental reason for any business to have a presence on Facebook is to get more fans, more exposure and hopefully more sales.  You regularly post a selection of enticing, captivating and even witty posts.  Nothing more complicated than that.  So is this enough? 

    Well maybe not.  The key to improving the visibility of your posts on peoples’ newsfeeds is all down to the interaction of your fans.  Fans can interact with your post by clicking on those all so important options: Like, Comment and Share.  Likes, Comments and Shares are all seen by Facebook’s algorithm which does some technical calculations and algorithm-like stuff to decide how much visibility your posts get on peoples’ newsfeed.  The bottom line is that the more clicks and interaction with your fans, the better the chance that your post is seen.

    So you see – getting your fans to actually engage with your Facebook page is of utmost importance.  But how can you persuade them to do so?  Here are a few tips that will help you out:


    Post a photo or video to support any posts. People are more likely to stop on the newsfeed to view them. If you are lucky enough to run a business where your product lends itself to an amusing photo, then post it.  ‘Moms who need wine’ is a great fun community Facebook page that posts a great selection of hilarious photos (if you like wine, that is).  But if your business is more somber, then choose a more appropriate photo and caption.


    People like to read about quirky and interesting tips.  If your company is in the upholstery cleaning business, post some tips about how best to get out stubborn stains.  And ask your fans to share their tips with the simple question, “What do you find works best?”   People enjoy sharing their knowledge.


    Ask fans for help and feedback.  If you are planning to launch a new product or service, ask what the fans think.  “We’re launching our new Customer Service helpline.  What opening hours would work best for you?

    4.Share Secrets

    If you have any behind-the-scenes stories that won’t appear in a press release or on your website, think about creating a Facebook post about them.  A photo and short caption will generate a lot of interest and potentially fan engagement.  “Here’s our Managing Director at the recent Tradeshow, charming all the customers.”

    5.Ask Directly

    If you want a Like or a Share, ask the fans to do just that.  People like to please and this kind of direct question can work wonders.  “It’s 80 degrees and sun is shining in New York.  LIKE if this makes you happy.”


    Create posts that are linked in with holidays and important events.  Just because they are not directly related to your business, doesn’t mean you can’t comment on them.   “Only 30 days to Christmas.  Hope you’ve nearly finished all your Christmas shopping!”

    7.Fans’ Photos

    Ask fans to send a photo of themselves using your product via a message, and post the best photo each week on your fan page.  Everyone likes their moment of fame.  Even consider setting an interesting challenge for them. “Send us a photo of you drinking our coffee at a famous landmark and we’ll post the best one each week.”

    In addition to seeking more fan engagement by using the tips above, don’t forget to encourage new fans and retain existing fans by running regular offers or discounts.  Even better, make them feel really special by promoting these offers only on Facebook – the idea of exclusivity is very persuasive.

    By posting interesting tit-bits on your branded Facebook page and seeking fan engagement you will start to create a community of Facebook followers.  Not only will have achieved your objective of increasing visibility of your posts, but you will also feel surprisingly uplifted by all the fans who are clearly enjoying all the hard work you are putting into your Facebook page.

    Michelle Collins

    With over 10 years of experience in sales and marketing Michelle is an active article writer in our article section. Focusing on articles to help businesses grow and think outside of the box she covers a wide range of topics ranging from website recommendations, business tips and more.

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