7 Things every small business needs

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    7-things-small-business-needBoth small businesses and start-up businesses need tools that will successfully help mold their business. As they are beginning to grow they will need to sustain organization and provide successful products and services respectfully. (This article is written for the business that already has a product or service in which it offers) Here are the top 7 things that every small business needs to help grow, stay organized and proficient. 


    1. A professional website 

    Having a professional website is key to both generate new business and impress the potential clients that you are already in contact with. A website that is well developed and easy to navigate allows your potential customers to understand your services, to research your company and to know you mean business. 
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    2. An easy to use CRM

    Start up’s typically don’t need all the bells and whistles and time is valuable so it’s important that time isn’t wasted. A simple to use CRM (customer relations management software) like amoCRM that allows small businesses to easily manage their prospects, leads and sales online is a valuable tool to help stay organized, make more sales and keep track of them. Meet amoCRM. amoCRM is a CRM built exclusively for small to medium sized businesses that are attempting to manage leads and sales. 

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    3. A Business Card

    While overlooked, a business card is something no small business should go without. Most small businesses generate business primarily through referrals. Having a professionally designed business card and having them ready to hand out is a simple but important way to stay remembered and generate new business.

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    4. An accounting program

    While many small businesses offer a particular product or service and typically do not have an in-house accountant it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep track of your finances. You must pay attention to the money you make, the money you spend, the money that is owed to your company and the write-off’s that your company has. You are in business to make money and by keeping track of the mentioned finances above it will allow you to know where you are at all times and save you money at the end of the year (with your accountant)

    A popular choice is quickbooks, but if on a budget Wave Accounting is a great alternative that is very easy to maintain.

    5. A Marketing plan

    The thought of a marketing plan sometimes overwhelms small businesses and start-up’s but it’s extremely crucial to your success. You must have targeted clients in mind and have an idea as to how you will go after them. Can your company survive off referrals? Will you advertise? How do you handle leads that come from your website? Are enough leads coming from your website? Can you generate more leads in other ways? If you are putting money into advertising, are their better, more qualified alternatives? These are questions you must continue to ask. What works today will not necessary work tomorrow.

    6. Keeping track – of everything

    It’s very easy to forget simple tasks and sometimes even larger tasks that you must accomplish. Maybe you forgot to send that important email out or maybe you lost the important document you were attempting to write. Meet Evernote. Evernote is a program that easily syncs with your computer, ipad, mobile device and just about any other device you can think of. It easily allows you to create and share notes. You can use evernote as a to do list, to remember contacts, to write documents and more.

    7. A dedicated business line

    While this may seem like common sense, many businesses forget the importance of having a separate business line, with a separate voicemail and to frequently check for messages and missed calls. It’s impossible to always answer the phone and this is why this is such an important task for your small business. When someone calls for your services/products when you don’t answer it’s important they realize that they’ve contacted the right place. It’s also to note that they will judge you based on your voicemail message and how quickly you return their call. With the exception of the referral, business card, website or advertising sourced they used to reach out to you this is the first chance you have to make an impression. Make it count. 

    These 7 things are critical to help your business get started, stay organized and help generate more business. There are more and possibly more important tools that are out there. What tools does your small business or start up swear by or use daily?


    Joe Russo

    Joe Russo has over 6 years of experience with online marketing, sales and business management. Joe enjoys working on challenging projects, working late hours and the Boston Celtics. 

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