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Our custom website designs are affordable and results-driven. We handle everything from setup and design to hosting and marketing.

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J&R Marketing created us a beautiful website that improved our overall sales as a company within two weeks after launch. They provided us great insight, a fair price and trained us on how to make updates in the future. We are very pleased. 
Jerry Fuscellaro, Owner
Jerry's Shoe Repair
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Tell us About Your Company & Needs
Before we build your website we want to know who you are and what you’re looking for. The website or online marketing package we provide you is specific to your needs. Regardless if you know what you want or have no idea, we can work with you or handle everything from start to finish.

Getting Started
Now that we know you and understand your specific needs, we’ll provide you with a competitive price and review of what we’ll be doing for you. We’ll explain that price point, answer any questions you may have and provide you with long term recommendations. 

Soup to Nuts
Our Small Business website design packages includes everything from start to finish. We’ll handle everything from the setup, design, content and more. We’ll make sure we have everything we need from you before we get started so you can focus on running your business. 

Launching your Website
When we have completed your design, we’ll review and test the entire site. We’ll make any requested changes needed and then launch your website. We can manage website changes after launch if you wish or we’ll show you how your company can easily make them from your location. 

Extras when choosing J&R Marketing

  • We are based out of Rhode Island and work with small businesses on a daily business.

  • We are one of, if not the most affordable website design and marketing company in Rhode Island. More importantly we are professional, on-time and results-driven to help your business.

  • After your website is launched, we’ll showcase services and products you can use for little to no money to improve your business. This includes free online advertisings, promotional products and more. All specifically with your business in mind.

  • We’ll work closely with you on any future requirements. We offer graphic design, website development and online marketing services. We also offer over 500,000 promotional products and custom apparel.  

What is the cost for a website?
Every website we design and project we work on is specific to each client. We focus on their goals and to ensure they are not paying for a service they do not need. Our website design projects typically start at $500 and we can provide an exact quote after we first speak and learn about your particular needs. 

We have a website already, can you make it better? 
We offer both website design and redesign services. Some websites can be improved by our recommendations alone and others we can lightly redesign to focus on your specific goals. In most cases, if a website was not properly developed or has never driven a lot of business to your company, it may be more beneficial and sometimes less expensive to build a new website. 

How long does it take to design a website? 
Because every website is custom and based on your specific needs each design project varies with regards to time. A typical turnaround time ranges from one week to a month for a standard website design. 

If we purchase a website what do we have to do? 
When you work with J&R Marketing we handle everything from setting up the website, the design and implementation of content. In many cases we also create the content and take pictures as needed as well.

After we purchase the website how is it updated? 
We are happy to make on-going changes to your website upon request. For every website we design we also offer free training if you would like to be able to make the changes yourself. 

Can you also do design work for us such as a logo, etc.? 
In addition to website design and development we also offer graphic design and would be happy to work on your project for you. We design business cards, logos and more on a daily basis. You can visit our graphic design page to learn more. 


Our Small Business Websites Start at $500 

Every website that we design and develop is different and because of that it is not fair to offer set prices before we understand exactly what you are looking for. Our packages are specific to what you need so you don’t pay for services that aren't required. Our Small Business Website Design service is focused on providing you with an affordable website in a short amount of time.

However, we want you to understand our goal is to provide an excellent service, whether it is to provide you with a basic website or become your on-going design partner for your company. With that said, our small business websites typically start at $500. A website should be an investment that continues to pay you back over time. Here are a few important tips and points that anyone in need of a new website should know:

  • We offer specific plans and packages ranging from design to online marketing based on your specific needs. The number of pages does not necessarily change the price of the website. We have small business websites with a few pages and some with hundreds.

  • The basic pages that most new websites consist of are a Home Page, About Us page, Services/Offering and a Contact Us page. 

  • Every website typically requires these three fees: Initial design fee to build the website, the cost of purchasing your domain (www.websitename.com) and the hosting for your website. With our small business websites you can choose your hosting company and where you purchase the domain from. However, we are more than happy to offer our hosting services and set up everything for you so you do not need to do anything.


View examples of Small Business websites that we've designed



"Our Website is absolutely beautiful and is a wonderful testament to the outstanding quality and professionalism we have come to expect from working with J&R Marketing" 

- Gabe deMoura, Founder
Gatsby Video Productions


As a small business you have numerous options and choices when you are looking for a design or marketing company to work with. There are agencies that have experienced individuals and charge extremely high fees; there are interns fresh out (or currently in school); and then everything in between.

You are responsible for choosing a company that is responsive, one that you can trust and has years of experience - and most importantly will drive results to your business. At J&R Marketing we very rarely work with businesses once or for only one service. Many of our website clients go on to request promotional products or business cards from us; many businesses we produce promotional products for come back with requests for graphic or website design.

Below we have listed who we are (and who we are not) but the core reason you should work with us is because of our passion to be successful at helping you be successful. You may notice it in our first meeting, but you will definitely notice it upon completion of any project we undertake.

We Are:

..a team of marketers and designers with over 15 years experience collectively.
...a company located in Johnston, Rhode Island.
...a professional team that knows what it is doing.
...addicted to coffee, energy drinks and the Peanut Butter Snickers.
...Fair, honest and friendly.

We are not:  

...a company that cuts corners or under achieves.
...a company that overprices services and products.
...a one person show.

Boost your Website Presence Online

If you are looking to boost your website presence, we have a service that is great for small businesses looking to generate more revenue from their website. A website is only as good as the amount of people that visit it. Your website can generate visitors in many ways such as word of mouth, from your business cards, from social media websites and from online listings, and from other websites that link to your website. 

However one of the best ways to receive traffic from people interested in what you are offering is from search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo. Our Power Ranking Service is a monthly service of on-going tasks that we perform in order to generate a higher ranking for your website on search engines results for popular searches related to your business.

  • We create a social presence for your business using resources like Facebook, Twitter, Merchant Circle, Manta, Google+ and more.
  • We generate relevant links pointing towards your website in order to generate targeted visitors to your website.
  • We setup your website to tell search engines what you want to be found for by applying page titles and descriptions to every page of your website.
  • We run monthly reporting and analytics for your website to ensure you are receiving traffic and your website visitors are performing the actions you want them to. 
  • In addition to our services, we provide a targeted marketing and on-going plan that you can perform internally, based on your goals.

Contact us to learn more about our Power Ranking Service for Small Businesses by clicking here.