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    In this month’s edition of “Who designed it better” we’ll be looking at two business card designs that were designed for a local shoe repair shop in Cranston, Rhode Island. Both designs offer the same context and content but both took two different approachs to accomplish the Italian style look and feel.       

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    When designing or having a business card designed the two most important things to consider are the industry and the audience that the business card will be designed for. With a typical marketing piece like a brochure or promotional flyer the biggest question to ask is the message you are trying to send. With a business card it’s obvious that the message is – this is what we do and this is how you can contact us. The industry is important because the industry will determine the style of business card you should create. For example, a children’s daycare company should have a friendly, professional business card. While a graphic design company should have something that is much more creative in nature.

    In the first design you will notice the Italian Flag color theme which is both loud and memorable. The business name is directly across the top and both the image and services listed on the card allow any custome or potential customer to know the services the company provides.

    The second design offers a much more clean and simplistic look while still conveying the title clearly. The Italian theme of the card is present in the form of the 'Italy boot'. The design takes a creative twist listing the services as if they were locations and naming the sole service on the sole of the boot and the heel service on the heel of the boot.

    So who designed it better? While both convey the message of shoe repair clearly, we need to take the audience that will be likely to receive the card. While the second design is creative – there simply is no need for the business to take a creative approach. The first design offers a more memorable Italian design that is more likely to be remembered by both the Italian colors and the image of a shoe repair man working. While it is important to be creative and memorable with your business card it’s much more important to have your client base and potential client base in mind. Who will be receiving this business card? Do they clearly know the service we provide? Do we clearly state our contact information? 


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