Tradeshow Items: Quality vs. Quantity

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    tradeshow-itemsWhile you might like to give your prospective clients some really top-notch, quality promotional products to get your brand remembered, is it always feasible cost wise?

    When we talk about quality we normally associate it with expensive things, and in your mind a top-notch promotional product could be an expensive branded watch or bag.  However in a tradeshow where the footfall is expected to reach several thousands, it’s really not cost effective to be handing out hundreds of such items.

    So consider a different definition of quality – Fit for Purpose.  That’s when you provide a product that a customer would find totally acceptable, does what they expect from it, and is well finished, safe and durable.  It is a quality product.  You can choose cost effective promotional products to hand out in large quantities, but which still have a level of quality fit for their purpose.  This is far removed from buying something cheap and nasty that falls to pieces in your clients’ hands.  If you recall, the objective of promotional products is to ensure they get plenty of use to increase your brand exposure – so a product which breaks as soon as the client leaves the tradeshow completely defeats the purpose.

    So combine quality and quantity by choosing some of these well loved promotional products, such as pens, magnets, key chains, stress balls, simple t-shirts and luggage tags. A whole range of these products are available to match your budget.  And if your staff has to travel to the tradeshow, make sure they are fully branded on their journey!  Provide clothing with the company logo on and branded luggage labels to get you noticed out in the big, wide world.  You never know who is hanging around the airport waiting for a connecting flight.

    And finally when the staff set up the tradeshow stand, they will have lots of quality products to hand out to as many interested customers as possible, and the company will still have a healthy bank balance.  More giveaways equal more brand exposure!

    Amanda Kelly

    Amanda is an active writer for J&R Marketing. Covering a wide range of social, marketing and business topics, Amanda also provides consulting services to many small businesses. 

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