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    promotional-products-old-favoritesYou’re spoilt for choice when it comes to objects you can pop your logo on and hand out with abandon, but which ones will give you the most brand exposure? Are branded USB pens and stress balls the way forward? What about fridge magnets or mouse pads, emblazoned with your company name?

    When deciding on which promotional products to develop, you need to consider your budget and how you intend to use the product.

    Mass distribution
    Trade shows , conferences and launch promotions are well known locations where customers will exit clutching a variety of promotional products from various stands. Your objective is twofold: increase awareness of your company name and give the prospective client the feel good factor receiving something for nothing. 
    In this instance, the price of the promotional product has to be at the lower end of the scale.

    Prizes and added value
    A promotional product can be given away as a prize only if it is a good quality, higher priced product. And if you want to close a sale by offering to “throw in” a little something extra, a key chain or magnet is not going to work.

    There’s no single promotional product that is guaranteed to give you unlimited exposure, so let’s go old school and remember why some of those old timers are still big sellers.

    The Promotional T-Shirt

    As a teenager, I had one of the most talked about promotional products at college: a T-shirt declaring “Help Save a Horny Friend”. I kid you not. This was the brainchild of the World Wildlife Fund to promote the crusade to save the rhino (which was explained on the other side of the T-shirt!).

    This kind of slogan might not be appropriate to your business, but you get my drift. T-shirts are great because you have a whole load of space on which to place your logo, your tagline, you catchphrase in a really memorable way. We all check out what others are wearing so remember: 

    catchy slogan = more attention = more exposure for your company. 

    For mass distribution at tradeshows, you can buy plain T-shirts to brand but if you wish to have a classier version for prizes or even for sale, you can brand good quality polo shirts. Just think of all the golf courses with their branded golf attire - sales of these products are normally good, and then there is the option for using these sought-after branded items for prizes.

    Bountiful Bags
    Backpacks, paper bags, sports bags, beach bags, grocery bags….. the list of options for branding is seemingly endless. The better the bag looks, the more likely the owner will use it out and about in public. However if it was a freebie and they don’t like it, they will force the children to use it for their gym kit, so your company name will only ever get seen by a group of hyperactive 6 year olds.

    Bags have plenty of space for your personalized message and design so there is no excuse for developing a tacky version. As with the T-shirt, a great design and catchy phrase will result in your bag being toted around all over the place.

    For mass distribution at conferences, there is a wide range of options, include the eco friendly canvas bag which also gives out the message that your company is considerate to the environment. For that special prize, consider a branded executive briefcase.

    Charming Key Chains

    Although less space to brand on, key chains come in to their own as they follow their owners everywhere, everyday. You can purchase well priced key chains in a variety of shapes and designs and once branded with your company name, you are guaranteed more company exposure. 
    Key chains are normally for mass distribution only, unless you go along the designer route and develop a diamond studded version!

    Magnificent Mugs

    Ok, so mugs aren’t the most exciting of things but they are a necessity for most of us who need hefty injections of caffeine during the day. They can be a cheap promotional product for a mass giveaway and you can still get your logo, contact details and a catchphrase all squeezed onto the surface in a visually appealing way.

    With some careful thought and preparation, you can choose the right promotional product for your needs and your budget to improve your brand exposure – but don’t overlook the old timers!

    Amanda Kelly

    Amanda is an active writer for J&R Marketing. Covering a wide range of social, marketing and business topics, Amanda also provides consulting services to many small businesses. 

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