Promotional Products Not Just For Giveaways

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    Promotional products are sometimes overlooked as just a fun tradeshow giveaway to try and spark a conversation or sales at events and confrences. Many businesses that are interested in promotional products ask what are most the most fun and effective promotional products. The answer is typically always different depending on the type of business or industry that is asking. While there are always tradeshow giveaways that will be popular like stress balls or tote bags it's important to note promotional products are not just for giveaways.

    A promotional product by definition is any product that is used to help promote your business. While people seem to think tradeshows and events are the only time promotional products are bought there are actually other areas where promotional products are purchased for much more frequently. 

    1. Business cards, brochures and other print products

    Business cards are typically the first advertising and promotional item that many businesses purchase. Business cards are a valuable promotional item that helps your business stayed remembered and a way for potential customers to contact you. Other print products like brochures and flyers are also a very important promotional product that helps showcase your services, products and to help keep your business remembered.

    2. Signs and Banners

    As popular as signs and banners are they are often overlooked as promotional products. Store signs are used as a call to action to bring people into your business, while banners and signs inside your store or place of business help showcase your products and services. Also for when you attend tradeshows, purchasing a banner stand is a great way to draw attention to your booth.

    3. Magnets

    Magnets are a great way to help keep your business remembered and one of the more popular promotional products. Magnets come in different sizes and can be fully customized with your contact information, store hours or slogan. 

    4. Customized writing instruments

    Customized pens, pencils and other writing instruments are a great way for businesses to remember your name when they need your products or services. There are numerous pen styles ranging from a few cents each to a few dollars each. When purchasing customized writing instruments keep in mind the type of client you are going after and which will have the most shelf (or desk) life.  

    5. Packaging materials

    Many restaurants and businesses that sell products have a great opportunity to stay remembered and create a brand by customizing their packaging products (like wrapping paper, pizza boxes, etc.) 

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