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    make-a-grand-brand-impressionBrand Impressions

    Heard of brand impressions?  No?  Well have you heard of first impressions?  Now we´re getting somewhere.   When we see a person for the first time, we make an instinctive decision about them.  It’s in our genes – is that person safe or should you run for your life?

    When it comes to your promotional products, the overall appearance of the item will also make a first impression, based on logo, color and style.  If someone doesn’t like what they see, it’s unlikely that they will run for their life, but they’ll just ignore it.  If it appeals to them, they will sit up and take notice.

    The more people that see your brand plastered on promotional products, the more brand impressions are made.   For those who are interested, there is an equation to quantify this, shown below; for those who are not, scroll down to the subsequent paragraph.

    Number of Brand Impressions = Number of times a customer uses your product X Number of times it is seen

    Imagine all your employees wear a company branded jacket to work.  They ride on the subway, they pop to the coffee shop for a caffeine fix, they serve customers and then ride back home on the subway.  Imagine how many people will see that jacket in any given month.  Say 60 per day?  That equates to 1200 brand impressions in one working month!

    Think of the Cost

    So now you understand what a brand impression means, let’s take into account some costs.  Very kindly the Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study in 2010 did just that and managed to crunch the numbers to come up with some very interesting facts.

    The humble branded bag achieves 1000 brand impressions per month with an average cost per impression of just $0.001. So for just one measly marketing dollar spent, your branded bag will be seen 1000 times a month!

    What about other promotional products? How do they fare?  Well to be honest, they all do pretty well.  Spend one dollar on pens and you’ll have 1000 brand impressions per month; two dollars on caps and three dollars on calendars will achieve the same amount.

    Absolute peanuts, I hear you cry!  Excellent news all round and when you consider the same figures for other marketing channels you may be amazed:  advertising on prime time TV costs an average of $0.018 per impression, and in a national magazine it costs $0.045 per impression, which equates to $18 and $45 per 1000 brand impressions respectively.

    See where I am going with this?  Not only do promotional product giveaways make your clients feel good but you are going to get more exposure for your money than on national TV.

    A Word of Warning

    The main warning is that to increase brand impressions, you need to focus on promotional products that will get aired outside the house.  It might be a lovely idea to give your best clients some beautifully branded underwear, but unless I’m much mistaken about the caliber of your clients, this strategy ain’t gonna get your babies exposed to the outside world.

    And just a final but obvious point worth stating – make sure all of your promotional products have an eye-catching, well thought-out design to create that all important first impression, and get newcomers to your brand wanting to know more.

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