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    products-for-hotel-in-rhode-islandIf you are managing a Rhode Island hotel, you appreciate the need to impress your guests with your facilities and service from the very first moment they enter your hotel.  A satisfied client is more likely to return and will also speak highly of your hotel to friends and on travel websites such as Tripadvisor.  Conversely an unsatisfactory stay will result in a disgruntled client who may well spread bad news about you verbally and on the internet.

    Whilst promotional products can’t make up for a shabby hotel or disappointing service, they are still a very important part of running a hotel.  Guests expect certain types of free promotional products in their hotel room, and will notice their absence if you try to cut corners and save on expenditure. For your Rhode Island hotel, make sure you buy custom promotional products that not only keep your guests happy, but also work for you – a canny selection of promotional items which guests are encouraged to take away with them will result in more brand exposure for your hotel.  And this exercise then becomes an excellent return on investment.

    As there are literally thousands and thousands of promotional products available, which can all be cleverly customized with your Rhode Island hotel logo and contact details, give careful consideration to those you want to stock and how you intend to use them.  You could consider the three main areas as:

    • Promotional products that are placed in all guests’ rooms
    • Promotional products that are available to guests on request
    • Promotional products available to purchase in your gift shop

    As a bare minimum, you should have what are considered as the standard customized items in each room, namely a pen, stationery and amenities in the bathroom - all beautifully branded with your Rhode Island hotel logo and details.  The humble pen might give you more brand exposure than you anticipate as it seems to be human nature to just pick up a pen, pop it in a bag and use it again and again.  If your hotel is up-market, include a bathrobe with your hotel logo on to give a really indulgent feel to the guest’s stay – but hopefully it won’t walk out the door!  This is one hotel branded item that is used to impress a guest rather than to increase brand exposure outside. 

    So consider placing a few other complimentary custom promotional items in the guest rooms specifically intended to be taken out into the big wide world.  How about a suitcase luggage tag clearly branded with your hotel name?  What about a mini umbrella, water bottle or small drawstring bag boasting your logo and hotel name?  These types of item don’t have to break the bank and are great to increase brand exposure as the guest is bound to use them again once they get home.

    There are also other items that guests may require during their stay such as a manicure kit, a sewing kit or toothbrush.  Not many business men will be seen running round town with a branded sewing kit in their hand after leaving your Rhode Island hotel, so don’t anticipate much in the way of brand exposure, but these kind of items need to be available for your guests, and a branded version gives a much more professional look.

    And finally if your Rhode Island hotel has its own gift shop, then the world is indeed your oyster.  The number of promotional products geared towards travelers and holidaymakers is vast.  For beach hotels, sell custom beach inflatables, towels, beach bags, tote bags, water proof cell phone cases.  For spa hotels sell branded gym towels and sports bags.  For all types of hotel, stock branded bags, suitcases, passport holders, wallets all ideal for the traveler, and also gift ideas such as mugs, pen and tote bags.  As you can see the list is more or less endless.  So if you’re lucky enough to have a gift store in your Rhode Island hotel, you can brand nearly everything in it and know that without a doubt, most of them will be used elsewhere and will working hard on your behalf getting your name out there.

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