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    Practical promotional products such as branded T-shirts, pens and stress balls will definitely increase brand exposure, attract new customers and generate more business.  But have you considered promotional food items?  You may be thinking they’re a waste of time - if someone gobbles up your carefully designed food product straight away, then no-one else will get to see the company name!  But slow down and think carefully - food is a great way to your customer’s heart and sometimes you just need to say a big thank you to your customers.  A satisfied customer is more likely to think well of your company and support you in the future.

    There is an array of edible promotional products available which will be very well appreciated by your clients, from a gooey chocolate bar, a selection of crunchy gourmet cookies to meat and cheese selections.  There is no doubt that your clients will appreciate all of these – who doesn’t enjoy the taste and sheer decadence of tasty food?  But you can still increase your brand exposure with edible promotional products if you choose the packaging carefully - the client will keep hold of the box, the tin, the jar and you will get a second opportunity to create a lasting impression.  So try out some of these ideas to get happy clients AND promotion of your company name!


    At a tradeshow, I always find myself veering towards a stand offering a drink and bite to eat.  It’s hard work walking around and talking to all those different businesses!   Stock your stand with some refreshments and consider the following:

    • Customized Water Bottles – everyone needs water and a custom labeled bottle is a great offering for these events, especially as people will carry off the water bottles with them.
    • Branded Gumball Machine - dispensing candy or mints.  A bit of fun and an attraction for your stand.  The word will spread that your stand is providing free candies, and visitor numbers will increase.  Sometimes it’s the fun things that get you noticed!
    • Nuts or popcorn – provide single servings in branded bags.  People may take these away with them and share with friends.


    In-store Promotions


    If your customers have made the effort to come to your in-store promotion, do ensure they are fed and watered.  Of course offer drinks and nibbles during their visit, but also some tasty items to take away with them. 


    • Branded tins of mints or candy - many novelty tins are available.  The better the novelty value, the more the customers will clamor for them and re-utilize them in the future.
    • Coffee and specialty teas - provide samples of coffee and tea in foil envelopes imprinted with your company logo.  Customers will love taking away these to enjoy back at home.
    • Chocolate bars with branded labels – people may well gobble them up there and then but think how happy they will be with all those x factors surging around their blood.


    Gifts for those Special Clients


    Whilst you spend a lot of time and effort attracting new clients, don’t overlook those loyal ones who have supported your business.  They deserve something special as a sign of your appreciation. 


    • Chocolate assortments – choose a chocolate assortment box where the centerpiece chocolate is printed with your logo. 
    • Wine bags – if you want to thank a client with a good bottle of wine, purchase branded wine bags to slip the wine in.  Practical and re-useable.
    • Boxed pretzels, candies or cookies – a tastefully branded box will give a great impression.
    • Gourmet coffee in a branded pack - give away with a coffee mug displaying your company logo. 
    • Cheese or meat gift sets - for those important clients, including a cheese selection and branded cheese board, or a honey glazed ham with branded cutting board. 
    • Gourmet Party Pack - the pièce de résistance - a party pack stuffed full with the best chocolates, nuts, pretzels, cheeses and sausages – clearly for your most important customers!


    Joe Russo

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