Promotional Items - More Cost Effective Than Traditional Advertising

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    more-cost-effective-promotional-itemsWhen you are pondering whether you need to invest in promotional items to advertise your Rhode Island business, consider this – it’s far cheaper and effective to produce branded promotional products than to run an advertising campaign in a newspaper or magazine.  Surprised? Well think of the facts.

    A typical newspaper advert can cost several hundred dollars.  When your advert appears in a newspaper it has to compete alongside all the other adverts to even get seen.  Then once the paper has been read it is simply discarded.  On the other hand, a promotional product, if chosen carefully, will get used time and time again.  Each time it is used and seen by other people, it creates what is known as a ‘brand impression’ – an opportunity for your brand to be seen by and to impress the viewer.

    Imagine a modest tote bag blazoned with your Rhode Island company logo.  The happy recipient uses this regularly to go shopping, when tens or even hundreds of people may see it.  That’s a lot of opportunities to make an impression.  To relate this to cost, an important metric to take into account is the ‘Cost per Impression’ (CPI).  For a tote bag that costs only $3 and is seen a thousand times in its lifetime, the CPI will be a fraction of a cent, working out at a cost of $0.003 per view.  This makes promotional products an absolute bargain when compared to print advertising and your marketing dollar goes way further.

    And even more importantly, promotional products work.  The majority of people can recall the company name of the branded pen they use at work – because they are always using it!  But they may not recall the details of the advert they saw in the weekend’s newspaper.  And if you see someone wearing a great branded t-shirt with a catchy slogan, chances are you’ll sit up and take notice – a great brand impression was made.

    There are literally thousands of promotional products available to brand with your Rhode Island business logo – so waste no more time and start distributing your promotional products now!

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