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    Choosing the right promotional product to give away at trade show or event is more complicated than simply placing your businesses’ name on a ball point pen. It requires marketing savvy, solid budgeting, and an understanding of your potential clients.

    Though much of this deliberation can be done internally, often it is best to consult with marketing professionals. For example, J&R Marketing will answer any of your questions about choosing the right promo product. They can even design your artwork or logo.

    Here are some things that you should discuss with your marketing consultant:

    1. Your budget. You will have to find the middle ground between recognizably cheap products, and overpaying for a product that may be thrown away. Do try to have two different promotional giveaways.

    2. Products that have a practical daily use best, as they will help increase brand awareness. For items that can be used daily, you might consider getting a better quality.

    3. Always include contact information. Here, the size of the product becomes important, because it should fit all relevant information: business name, email, and phone number.

    4. Know your audience. Find out the number of attendees at the venue so you can determine how much to buy. You don’t want to run out of promotional products before the session is over.

    5. Customer service is important when making your purchase. Be advised not to purchase a large quantity without speaking to a representative. Make sure you are getting quality products that will feature the business information that will best increase brand awareness.

    6. Establish a follow up. A successful promotional product will inevitably lead the consumer to your website. Give potential client a reason to visit your site.

    Now you are not going to get business from everyone who walks away with your promo product. However, strive to create a positive image of your business and brand. Consider marketing and promotional products companies like J&R Marketing for customer service and quality products.

    Michelle Collins

    With over 10 years of experience in sales and marketing Michelle is an active article writer in our article section. Focusing on articles to help businesses grow and think outside of the box she covers a wide range of topics ranging from website recommendations, business tips and more.

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