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    custom-promotion-sponsorship-apparelPromotional items for your Rhode Island business have two clear purposes: one, to give to existing clients as a sign of your appreciation; two, to promote your company via brand exposure to attract new clients.  Basically you are handing out your promotional products for free in the hope of retaining existing customers and winning new ones. 

    Everyone understands the dynamics of promotional products and they are in fact an extremely cost effective marketing option.  Compared to other traditional options such as newspaper advertising, your brand will be seen by more people per dollar spent - assuming you have chosen your promotional products well of course!

    But when you are thinking of new opportunities for using your promotional products, consider giving something back to your Rhode Island community, and getting some more brand exposure at the same time.  A win-win situation all around.

    A great idea is to offer branded uniforms for local sports teams as part of a sponsorship deal.  While your brand won’t be seen by thousands as it would be if you sponsored a professional baseball team, the amateur teams still get plenty of friends and family watching at every match.  And the local teams will no doubt be delighted by your offer.

    When you make this generous offer, speak to the team coach to ensure you provide a uniform that matches their requirements.  No point going down this road if you think you can dictate what the team will wear on match days.  You may want to have your logo and slogan covering every square inch of a sports top, but be realistic.  The team doesn’t want to look as the all the players work for your Rhode Island company. 

    So play fair.  Agree upfront the color and design of the uniform, and where your company logo should be placed.  Even if your logo can’t be seen by all the spectators in the back row during the match, word will soon get around your community that your business is the uniform supplier.  And that will work real wonders for your reputation.  Not only will people start to remember your company name, they will be impressed that you have spent some of your cash to help an amateur team look well turned out.  Without a doubt, new customers will come trickling in through your front door purely because of this great gesture. 

    Amanda Kelly

    Amanda is an active writer for J&R Marketing. Covering a wide range of social, marketing and business topics, Amanda also provides consulting services to many small businesses. 

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