Pay Per Click Advertising

    Generate more business with professionally managed pay-per-click marketing

    Pay per click advertising will generate targeted visitors, who have performed a search based on criteria that we define, to your website.

    • pay per click marketing in rhode islandTake advantage of people searching for your product and services.

    • You will only pay for clicks to your website or number of advertising impressions (times it is seen)

    • We can create your campaigns, create the ad copy and monitor monthly to generate higher conversion rates.


    certified-partnerSuccessful pay-per-click advertising requires great management, experience and extensive monitoring. We are experienced in both pay-per-click advertising and search engine optmization to maximize your websites and online success.


    Pay Per Click Management


    checkBad experience with Pay Per Click Advertising? 

    If you have used PPC (pay per click advertising) and had a bad experience or are reluctant but curious about pay per click advertising, keep reading. 

    Pay per click sometimes gets a bad rep, very similar to lawyers and mechanics. Every year businesses throw hundreds and even thousands of dollars into their PPC advertising campaign and gain very little business from these efforts. It’s worth noting that these people either try to create and manage their PPC campaign themselves or they hire a company that has very little experience with PPC. With PPC it’s all about management. PPC receives a bad rep, when the company managing it is not experienced and does not know what they are doing. 

    Before we move forward with a PPC campaign for a client, we evaluate what the client's goals are, what their budget is and what return on investment is needed to make PPC worthwhile. We complete this on our clients behalf, even before they choose to move forward with us. Why? Because the truth of the matter is PPC is not for everyone. There are some businesses that can’t benefit from PPC and if that’s the case we’ll provide you with our honest opinion, so you don’t waste your money or time on a marketing effort that has a great chance of failure. We are into long-term relationships. We won’t embark on a service that we are not 100% confident about. PPC may not be for a particular business based on their budget, location, industry, ROI and other specific reasons specific to them.





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