Which Online Marketing Metrics to Monitor?

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    Which online marketing metrics to measureYou can monitor all manner of metrics to try to assess the effectiveness of the online marketing of your Rhode Island business, but don’t sweat the small stuff.  Avoid getting bogged down in all the analytics available to you, and focus on the important things – conversion rates, engagement of visitors and external links.

    1. Conversion Rates
    Do track conversion rates.  However lovely your website is, it’s there for a purpose – ultimately to generate more sales.  Monitor how many visitors follow your call-to-action steps.  For example check the number who sign up for a newsletter, download an e-book or buy something.  You can use Google Analytics or similar software to track this.

    2. Engagement of Visitors
    When a visitor alights on your website, do they stay for long?  What do they do?  Become a detective and track these movements carefully.

    • Bounce rate – how many visitors come to your website, but then seem to think better of it and quickly bounce off?  The lower the bounce rate, the better.
    • Average time on your website – not surprisingly the longer the better.  The more time someone spends on your website, the greater the probability they are actually reading about your Rhode Island business.
    • Average page views – again the higher the number the better.  If someone is reading more than one page of your business website, they must be interested in what you have to say. 

     3. External Links
    Keep an eye on the external links to your website.  You may need to purchase specialized software to get full details as Google Analytics cannot give you the complete overview.  Quality links are a very important tool in offsite search engine optimization (SEO).   On the other hand, dodgy links are bad.  Such links include:

    • Links from porn or gambling sites
    • Links from websites that were created just for the sole objective of SEO.  Often these have content scraped from other websites and no visitor interaction - the search engines are wise enough to see these as hoax websites.

    If you have external links from any such websites to your Rhode Island business website, do your darned best to severe the link as they won’t be seen favourably by the search engines.  Approach the webmaster of the external website as the first call of port.

    The above metrics give you a clear indication of how effective your online marketing is, with regard to web content and call-to-action steps.  If you are getting a high bounce rate, it may be that your home page isn’t well written or eye-catching, or have poor quality links, directing the wrong type of customer to your website.

    So review the important metrics, improve your website, deal with dodgy links and keep on monitoring on a regular basis.

    Amanda Kelly

    Amanda is an active writer for J&R Marketing. Covering a wide range of social, marketing and business topics, Amanda also provides consulting services to many small businesses. 


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