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    Smartphones and other mobile devices like ipads and tablets are becoming more and more popular. There are over 5,200 and counting mobile devices on the market. Each of these mobile devices with a different size screen, optimizing content differently.  Within the next couple of years mobile users will surpass desktop users and currently over 50% of all Google searches are performed from a mobile device.


    The above information raises the questions: Have you checked what your website looks like from a mobile device? If someone was to visit your site and try to contact you how difficult is it? Believe it or not, over 50% of small businesses have never checked what their website looks like from a mobile device.


    Your website is designed for a large screen and not for a mobile website. If you don’t have a mobile optimized website your users are forced to zoom, stretch and pull your content in order to read it. Also, all content on your website is not mobile content. When a visitor reaches your website they want mobile based information such as a Click to Call, an address, a Google Map, directions and other mobile related services. If you are a restaurant they want to view your menu, but they don’t want flash video players and pdf downloads.


    A good way to determine if you are behead or behind the game is to check if your direct competition is offering a mobile website. If they have one, it’s a great indication that you should have one created to better compete. If they don’t have one, that’s even better. It’s a great way to outrank your competitor on mobile. When visitors are looking at your site and your competitors site from a mobile device it is much more likely they’ll choose to pursue the company that offers information that is readable.


    Amanda Kelly

    Amanda is an active writer for J&R Marketing. Covering a wide range of social, marketing and business topics, Amanda also provides consulting services to many small businesses. 

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