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    If one thing is true in our technology era, it’s that as quickly as the internet and search has evolved, the same is
    true for Social Media and Mobile. The mobile industry has been exploding with 1 out of every 7 Google searches being performed on a mobile device and 50% of all local Google searches being performed on a mobile device. Similar to optimizing your website for a particular audience, your desktop site is typically optimized for the average size computer screen, thus making your mobile presence lack in presence and features.

    To date, over 40% of all small business owners have never navigated to their own website from a mobile device. If your website is receiving traffic, it’s certainly the case that visitors and potential customers are navigating to your site via mobile.

    So, how was their presence? Did the site load slow? Did images load at all? Did they have to pinch and pull in order to read the content? How easy was it for your visitor to find your contact information or the information they were seeking?

    Odds are the above questions were a little difficult (or scary) to answer. When you think about your visitors experience on your site, weather desktop or mobile, you want it to be simple, you want your information to come across clear and you want your call to action to be performed. (Weather it is calling you, purchasing something, visiting your store or filling out a form) 

    This is where many businesses are and while some come to a stand-still, many go and develop a mobile presence. Some attempt to think “mobile first” and optimize their current site for mobile while others create a completely separate site that is only for mobile. Like many ultimatum’s each come with pros and cons. However, from the average businesses standpoint it makes more sense to build a completely separate presence for mobile. You offer mobile specific information like a click to call, map with locations, a store locator and a mobile friendly version of your content. While this decision does mean you need to keep up with two sites now, thanks to RSS feeds and other auto-syncing capabilities your blog or article section (or any information within an RSS feed) is automatically synced up to your mobile website. It's also important to note that your mobile website does not need to be flooded with desktop content. Your mobile viewers are looking for mobile specific content. 

    Once you determine your approach, both time and finances become a factor in your businesses ultimate decision. You can choose to build a completely custom mobile site either internally (or outsourcing) or you can use a Mobile Web platform to quickly create your mobile presence. 

    The question of which is better ultimately depends on what your business is looking to do. If you are a small restaurant, law practice or business that wants to optimize your site to generate more foot traffic through the door, a platform is a much more practical approach. However, if you need to offer a sign on, shopping cart or other large database integration from desktop to mobile a custom design will more efficiently accomplish this. 

    To make your decision process easier you can choose to work with a company like MoFuse, Inc. that offers both a platform for businesses that would like to do it themselves and a mobile website design department that offers both basic and advanced mobile website designs.

    There is no arguing the fact that mobile is now and it is not going anywhere. As a business you have numerous options to develop your web presence. How you handle your mobile presence is becoming more important and critical to your online success. If you’re one of the business owners that doesn’t know what it’s mobile presence looks like, start by grabbing a mobile phone and entering your web address now – because someone else sure is.

    Joe Russo

    Joe Russo has over 6 years of experience with online marketing, sales and business management. Joe enjoys working on challenging projects, working late hours and the Boston Celtics. 

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