Why J&R Marketing

As a small business you have numerous options and choices when you are looking for a design or marketing company to work with. There are agencies that have experienced individuals and charge extremely high fees; there are interns fresh out (or currently in school); and then everything in between.

You are responsible for choosing a company that is responsive, one that you can trust and has years of experience - and most importantly will drive results to your business. At J&R Marketing we very rarely work with businesses once or for only one service. Many of our website clients go on to request promotional products or business cards from us; many businesses we produce promotional products for come back with requests for graphic or website design.

Below we have listed who we are (and who we are not) but the core reason you should work with us is because of our passion to be successful at helping you be successful. You may notice it in our first meeting, but you will definitely notice it upon completion of any project we undertake.

We Are:

..a team of marketers and designers with over 15 years experience collectively.
...a company located in Johnston, Rhode Island.
...a professional team that knows what it is doing.
...addicted to coffee, energy drinks and the Peanut Butter Snickers.
...Fair, honest and friendly.

We are not:  

...a company that cuts corners or under achieves.
...a company that overprices services and products.
...a one person show.

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