What makes a quality inbound website link?

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    20-quality-inbound-linksWe've been digging through the importance of search engine optimization and steps to understanding how your website receives targeted traffic interested in your business. Now let's look at some of the details of off-site SEO. Backlinks or inbound links to your website are highly desirable, but one quality link is worth so much more than handfuls of inferior links.  You’ve probably heard it before - quantity doesn’t matter…. it’s the end result that counts!  So what makes a backlink good quality and what demotes it to poor relation status?

     Links to the backlink

     If the website that’s pointing to yours via a backlink has some great quality backlinks of its own, that can only be good news.  This can bring good quality traffic to your website and will definitely boost your rankings.  But be wary of the website with an extensive list of backlinks – it could be that there are quite a few poor relations in there which won’t help bring the right clientele to your website.


    The PageRank of a website is assigned by Google – the higher the better. The rank is based on the maturity of the website, the amount of traffic it receives and whether Google perceives it as an authority in its field.  Inbound links from websites with a higher PageRank should help improve your own website rankings, but don’t get too hot and bothered about this metric.  It’s an arbitrary ranking and in the fickle world of search engines, some potentially good quality backlinks may originate from unranked websites.


     If you’re considering a backlink from a great looking page on a great website, but its swathed in flashy ads, think again.  Too many ads may mean that it starts to lose some of its quality appeal.


     Don’t be afraid to use image links even if you think the alt text will be of little use compared to the anchor text used in a text link.  While they may not bump up your rankings significantly, don’t underestimate the power of a great image to drive more traffic your way.

     Sidebar links

     If you have the opportunity to create a sidebar link to your website from a great, frequently visited website then take it. But only if there is a sense of exclusivity – just your link and a handful of others rather than you and what feels like the rest of the world jostling for prime position. 

     Links pointing towards your website are an extremely important factor. The reason why Google ranks this as such an important factor is because understandably a Google website with good content will be shared and pointed to frequently. Think of it as a vote to your website. With links quality is always going to be important, in fact many low quality links pointing to your site can actually have a negative impact on your website. Stay away from any services promising you thousands of backlinks to your website. Good website ranking is about good, quality links telling Google that your businesses website is worth visiting.


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    With over 10 years of experience in sales and marketing Michelle is an active article writer in our article section. Focusing on articles to help businesses grow and think outside of the box she covers a wide range of topics ranging from website recommendations, business tips and more.

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