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Our Small Business Websites Start at $500 

Every website that we design and develop is different and because of that it is not fair to offer set prices before we understand exactly what you are looking for. Our packages are specific to what you need so you don’t pay for services that aren't required. Our Small Business Website Design service is focused on providing you with an affordable website in a short amount of time.

However, we want you to understand our goal is to provide an excellent service, whether it is to provide you with a basic website or become your on-going design partner for your company. With that said, our small business websites typically start at $500. A website should be an investment that continues to pay you back over time. Here are a few important tips and points that anyone in need of a new website should know:

  • We offer specific plans and packages ranging from design to online marketing based on your specific needs. The number of pages does not necessarily change the price of the website. We have small business websites with a few pages and some with hundreds.

  • The basic pages that most new websites consist of are a Home Page, About Us page, Services/Offering and a Contact Us page. 

  • Every website typically requires these three fees: Initial design fee to build the website, the cost of purchasing your domain ( and the hosting for your website. With our small business websites you can choose your hosting company and where you purchase the domain from. However, we are more than happy to offer our hosting services and set up everything for you so you do not need to do anything.


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