How to make your Blog Work for your Business?

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    17-make-your-blog-workYour blogs don’t have to consist of just writing – in fact it’s far better if you spice things up a little with photos, drawings, videos and podcasts.  The more variety you offer your readers, the more likely they will return to read your wise words, admire your photos and enjoy your videos.  And that has the potential to result in more sales of the products or services you are promoting.

    So draw on your creativity when you’re blogging.  Mix up text with photos and podcasts.  Keep the content fresh but always of good quality.  If you put your thinking cap on, you’re sure to come up with some great ideas such as:

    Today’s Top Tip – a simple text blog with a supporting photo to give your readers a tip relating to your business

    Wonderful Wednesday – launch your special offers every Wednesday with a photo of the product on offer.  Your readers will get used to this and will come back to your blog on Wednesdays without fail to see what’s on offer

    Contests – post a video to explain the contests you are running and how to enter it

    Product/Service Reviews – Explain why certain offerings can benefit specific clients. Be sure to try and talk directly to your audience.

    Best of, Related to your business – Offer a best of the week, month or year. Something that engages your audience to click through and read your article.

    Hot Topics/Debates/Opinions – Just because you’re an Acura dealer it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t post comments/comparisons/opinions on Nissan. Just because you build Android apps doesn’t mean you should avoid talking about Apple products. Hot topics are hot topics, offering an opinion and a point of view on hot topics will generate good buzz.

    Tips, Stats & Facts – If you want to be an industry leader and develop trust, posting facts, stats and tips are a great way to show your audience you know what you are talking about. 5 ways to clean your car, How to choose a home improvement contractor, designing your own website.

    Free Advice – Sometimes bloggers forget what they are writing for…(In my case – for you!) If there was no audience, in most cases there would be no blog. You don’t have to write huge articles all the time. Like we stated offer promotional videos, podcasts, webinars. Post content on your blog that is more than content.

    Whatever you choose to blog about be sure to offer high quality content. Your text, information and images should all be of high quality. There are numerous websites that offer free stock photos or very inexpensive stock photos like;


    Just make sure that you follow the rules and regulations of each website when you are downloading royalty free photos.  And if you can’t see what you want, be inspired by what you see around you.  When you are thinking like a creative blogger, you tend to see the world through fresh eyes.  Carry your camera around with you and take snaps when the fancy takes you to add to your blog. (of your products, services, staff, etc.)

    When you have many blogs to manage, be organized and use a scheduling tools such as the Essential Calendar plug in on WordPress or download a free social media schedule guide.  You can not only plan ahead but also easily see when you last posted a video or podcast.

    So get creative, get blogging and get more sales!

    Michelle Collins

    With over 10 years of experience in sales and marketing Michelle is an active article writer in our article section. Focusing on articles to help businesses grow and think outside of the box she covers a wide range of topics ranging from website recommendations, business tips and more.

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