How Matt Cutts’ Blog has Changed Google’s View of Webmasters

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    In the past, Google engineers had a very suspicious view of the world of websites and the webmasters that control them. They tended to imagine that every one of them was dealing in spam to get high rankings on Google search engine results. However, Matt Cutts, head of Google's Webspam team developed his own blog to air some of his personal thoughts and those about Google. And what he found surprised him.

    He suddenly found himself on the other side of the fence. He had to write interesting blogs and to attract traffic to them. He started to understand what the average webmaster or site owner is trying to do on a daily basis. Previously he and his team had been so heavily focused on weeding out spam that they had lost sight of the fact that many good websites want to rank highly because they have great products – a completely natural instinct.

    Matt also had to delve into the art of keyword usage for SEO of his blog. He found that certain keywords always triggered higher levels of traffic, such a ‘Top tips for…’ and titles about gadgets and gizmos.

    With a far clearer understanding of how things are for the average webmaster, Matt ensured that the induction session for new Google engineers reinforced the message that although Google needs to deal with bad websites, there are many good ones in existence. And that Google should be seeking the good ones out.

    In fact Matt feels that the whole experience has been so enlightening that he positively encourages his own web team to have their own blog or domain to fully appreciate what the average Joe is trying to do.

    See Matt’s video for yourself, which was triggered by the question “Have you learned something about SEO that you wouldn’t know if you haven’t had your blog?”

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