Frequently Asked Questions - Small Business

What is the cost for a website?
Every website we design and project we work on is specific to each client. We focus on their goals and to ensure they are not paying for a service they do not need. Our website design projects typically start at $500 and we can provide an exact quote after we first speak and learn about your particular needs. 

We have a website already, can you make it better? 
We offer both website design and redesign services. Some websites can be improved by our recommendations alone and others we can lightly redesign to focus on your specific goals. In most cases, if a website was not properly developed or has never driven a lot of business to your company, it may be more beneficial and sometimes less expensive to build a new website. 

How long does it take to design a website? 
Because every website is custom and based on your specific needs each design project varies with regards to time. A typical turnaround time ranges from one week to a month for a standard website design. 

If we purchase a website what do we have to do? 
When you work with J&R Marketing we handle everything from setting up the website, the design and implementation of content. In many cases we also create the content and take pictures as needed as well.

After we purchase the website how is it updated? 
We are happy to make on-going changes to your website upon request. For every website we design we also offer free training if you would like to be able to make the changes yourself. 

Can you also do design work for us such as a logo, etc.? 
In addition to website design and development we also offer graphic design and would be happy to work on your project for you. We design business cards, logos and more on a daily basis. You can visit our graphic design page to learn more. 


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