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    5-effective-email-marketingIn all the excitement of eye phones and smart tablets and perfect pads, have you really got time to think about a boring old email marketing campaign?  Isn’t that all a bit old hat nowadays? The future is mobile, isn’t it?  Or social?  Or something….?  Well sounds to me like you are getting a little confused.  Are you forgetting the fact that the all powerful internet which governs our lives is a great medium through which we can send out our marketing message by email to thousands of people at virtually no cost.  Let’s cut to the quick and sort out the best way to approach your email marketing campaigns which are so not old hat.


    Until you have an appropriate email distribution list, you have no email campaign.  In the good old days, it was quite common to purchase email lists.  But today – No Can Do.  It’s a risky idea because some of these email address may no longer be active and could be a spam trap.  And who knows who these people are.  Imagine you are selling a college fund saving scheme for new parents, and the email address list you have purchased is populated by people in the 60 plus age bracket.  Well that’s not going to work now is it!

    To create an email distribution list for your specific business, you have to start from scratch. Sorry, but a single meaningful contact is worth more than a thousand useless ones.  Ask your customers and potential customers to register on your website to receive further information.  Bit by bit, your email contact list will grow.

    2.Open Sesame

    When you send a marketing email, it will sit quietly in the recipient’s In Box waiting to be opened.  But if it doesn’t stand out from the crowd, if it isn’t clear what it’s about and if the recipient sees no reason to open it, there it will sit until one day it lands in the recycle bin.  Bye-bye all your hard work.

    So what is the solution?  It’s all about the words in the subject heading.  You must choose these carefully.  Imagine you have about 50 characters in the heading to grab the attention of the recipient.  You could choose“Read Me!  Read Me!” but I suspect the email would get flagged immediately as spam. No best be slightly conservative here and go for accurate.  “Autumn Sale - 25% off all Fitted Kitchens.”

    3.It’s all in the Looks

    Have you ever received an informative email selling a business proposition, but just about fallen asleep around the tenth paragraph?  Heavy text is not going to get and retain anyone’s attention.  If you have the right email design team, opt for a visually interesting email, incorporating appealing photos to support the text. 


    Ok, I was lying.  It’s not all in the looks. I admit that the content is rather important too.  Keep text simple, concise but persuasive.  Use big font for headlines and minimal font for the details.  Include links directly to your website – then if you have whetted the appetite of the reader, they will simply click through to read more.

    5.Call to Action

    And finally, if your reader is still with you, do make it as clear what they need to do next.  This Call to Action step should jump out at the reader so they can easily ask for more information, sign up for a demo or free trial, or take up your generous offer of 25% discount.

    Email marketing can be used for a variety of ends, including advertising promotions, sending out newsletters or issuing invitations to the select few for launches, conferences or other special events.  Whatever the purpose of your email, the guidelines above will ensure that your information is received and opened by an interested person who is clear on what to do next. 

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