E-mail Marketing – Far From Extinct

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    12-email-marketing-far-from-extinctIt is a common misconception that e-mail marketing is no longer an effective way of driving customer sales.  A recent DMA Interactive survey concluded that 54% of small businesses ranked e-mail as the top online promotion for driving website and store traffic. For the majority of surveyed small businesses, e-mail marketing was found to be more useful than social media.

    Small business owners in particular, find that their business thrives on trust and deep personal relationships. E-mail marketing proves to be a viable method for fostering customer relations.  With each successful transaction, the customer puts more trust in the legitimacy of a business. When a customer trusts a business, he or she is more likely to open and read through an e-mail.  Once the e-mail is opened there are immediate and measurable strategies to create profit.

    Repeat buyers tend to spend more than new customers and are more likely to buy again. This is where you,the savvy business owner, can utilize cross-selling and up-selling techniques.  Successful e-mails will feature content like, “customers who bought x also bought y.”  Use what you know about your customers’ past purchases to make more personal and meaningful e-mails.

    Good e-mail marketing will offer customers exclusive deals.  Reward customers who bought your product.  But you can do more than just offer reduced prices on products.  Release upcoming website content to customers before it is released to the general public.  Your goal is to establish a mutual trust between your business and the customer.  Trust allows the customer to enter into a deeper relationship with your business.

    One of the most important things to keep in mind about e-mail marketing is the subject line.  Think of the subject line like a headline.  The purpose of the headline in print media is to entice the reader to continue reading.  It also highlights the essence of the text.  Your headline must do just that.  But do some research before starting.  The biggest impediment to e-mail marketing is the spam filter.  Avoid spam filters by giving your e-mail an original voice.  Spam buzz words like “free” or “bonus” should be used sparingly.  Always provide reputable links – and only ones that do not detract from the mission of e-mail.

    E-mail marketing gives smaller businesses a cost-efficient opportunity to be unique and personal.  E-mails are a reflection of your business, and should bolster your brand’s reputation.  E-mail marketing is far from extinct, and in many cases, is more useful than social media.  An inviting e-mail from a trusted business has great potential to generate profit.  In spite of what you may have heard, e-mail marketing is here to stay.

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