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    15-content-marketingIn the good old days, traditional adverts were those seen in glossy magazines, newspapers on the television and on billboards. With the advent of the world wide web these options have definitely taken a back seat for businesses with a tight budget who find internet advertising a cheaper alternative and which has the potential to reach even more customers. Advertising on Google or Facebook is today’s online equivalent to magazine ads, and internet advertising campaigns managed well will see success in terms of more traffic arriving at your company website. But Google and Facebook ads still incur a cost so if you want to focus on cost free advertising, the time is ripe to consider content marketing.

    Content marketing is the creation of interesting and relevant content and getting it in front of your target market to attract new customers and encourage them to engage with your business. It’s not just about selling your services or products – it’s about providing genuinely useful and informative content regularly that your customers will read, enjoy, appreciate and consequently will see your company as the best one to purchase from.

    Content marketing is quite simply about blogging and writing good quality articles which can include text, photos, videos and anything else you can name. Great blogs are one of the most important ways to increase direct traffic to your website and furthermore can help you jump up the search engine rankings. But don’t think you can post a blog to your website and immediately see an increase in traffic. You need to promote your blogs and articles wisely or no one will see just how great they are.

    A simple and very effective way to promote your blogs is by posting them on your preferred social media pages – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest to name a few. With social media you need to be patient and to nurture your interested followers. Don’t expect masses of fan engagement when you first start posting. But keep the posts interesting and fresh, come up with some new opinions on current news and before long, you will find people who like your style and find your views of interest. And then you will be well on the way to increasing your number of fans as they share your views with their friends and colleagues.

    Another great way to promote your blogs is by using Outbrain. The idea is to offer up your well written blogs to the Outbrain audience who are already looking for posts related to the content they are reading. And these are personalized to each reader depending on their browsing and reading habits - a truly personalized experience and if a reader gets directed to your related blog, they will be interested in reading your point of view as they have already been reading up about the subject matter. And if they think your blog is great, they will sit up and take notice of you and your company. They will delve into your other blogs, bookmark your page and become a regular visitor, if not a future client.

    Blogs and article writing are big business but many fall into the mistake of thinking quantity is more important that quality. Quite the opposite is true. A load of poorly written blogs with rehashed content are unlikely to pique anyone’s interest; a select few that are engaging, interesting and maybe bordering on the controversial will arouse far more interest in your target market. And an interested group of readers who appreciate your articles is going to create a solid foundation of future followers of your company and would-be purchasers.

    Joe Russo

    Joe Russo has over 6 years of experience with online marketing, sales and business management. Joe enjoys working on challenging projects, working late hours and the Boston Celtics. 

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