5 Basic SEO Tips To Get You Started

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    3-5-basic-SEO-tipsEvery business should make Search Engine Optimization an important goal within their marketing strategy. A beautifully designed website without good SEO is like a million dollar home – on an island that nobody has access to. Simply put SEO (search engine optimization) is finding ways to increase your site’s appearance in web visitors’ search results. Typically this will mean more traffic to your website.

    There are many companies and professionals that claim to know all the secrets and specialize in SEO but as a small to medium sized business you should always start with the basics. Here are 5 basic SEO tips that will increase your search engine ranking. After you learn our 5 Basic SEO tips and implement them we will release another 5 basic SEO tips for you.

    Five Basic SEO TIPS to Improve your Search Engine Ranking

    Understand where you stand
    If you don’t know where you are, how do you know where you’re going? Or better yet, how do you know if what you are doing is working? You should keep an eye on your page ranking and to your google analytics. You should know where your visitors are coming from and what pages they are viewing.

    Keywords are key
    Understand that keywords are just another word for content. The content on your website is extremely important. When writing articles and pages for your website you should have two things in mind; what information does my audience want and what information does the search engines want? In this day and age – they are both very close to the same thing instead you should try to mention your keywords as often as possible. Not sure what your keywords are? Put yourself in your audiences shoes and if you were looking for the service/product you provide – what would you search for on Google? Boom, that’s one of your keywords. Now, obviously much more research should go into what your keywords are – but if you don’t know your keywords….you need to start somewhere.

    Link back to yourself
    Don’t look too much into this. Do exactly as it states – link back to yourself within your website. When you are adding a new page or a new article include links to other pages within your website. You should have multiple internal links throughout your website.

    Create a sitemap
    A site map will allow the search engines to easily crawl your website. The fewer clicks that it takes to get to a page on your website, the better it is.

    Search-Friendly URL’s
    This is a mistake that many new web designers and website owners make. A page name is just like a title of a movie, it should describe what the movie or page is about. This tells the search engines what information can be found on that page and will make your website that much more relevant for those particular keywords. For example: www.examplesite.com/325433/tmslt is bad and www.example/articles/basic-seo-tips is good.

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